Prominent hedge fund manager Alan Howard has invested in 2 promising crypto startups


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Billionaire hedge fund manager, Alan Howard invested in 2 startups.
  • These crypto startups are Copper and Kikitrade.
  • Alan invested $25 million in Copper. 

Alan Howard is a billionaire hedge fund manager that has got his hands full with two new investments. These investments are put into 2 new crypto startups. Alan Howard is the co-founder of one of the biggest asset manager organizations called Brevan Howard. He led a $25 million raise for a promising startup which is based in London. This is called and provides crypto services to its clients.

It was announced that the new investment succeeded a series B funding that was provided to the startup and eventually that gave way for the entrance of big money. The series B funding of included about $50 million from big fishes like Target Global and Dawn Capital. One can imagine the impact that this startup would have on the entire crypto market once it is fully functional.

Investments by Alan Howard in promising startups

These investments are considered promising because of their potential. The crypto market is still growing and the entire world knows this fact. This is the reason why Alan Howard invested in that seeks to bring access to crypto services to every person. The funds are expected to be utilized to strengthen the fundamentals and improve its expertise so as to maximize benefits from the blockchain and crypto market.

The second investment by Alan Howard revolves around the Asian crypto exchange platform that is officially called Kikitrade. The billionaire invested about $12 million in the company as it is a promising startup in Asia. Blockchain and crypto are relatively new to the entire world. Therefore exchanges like Kikitrade have a bright future ahead.

Alan Howard’s investments are not confined to these organizations. He also has 25% equity of One River Digital Asset Management. This is an organization based in the United States that had bought around $600 million worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum last year. Alan Howard also recently led a $25 million investment into an organization that provides custody for digital assets and is officially recognized as Komainu. It was formed by the global bank called Nomura along with CoinShares and Ledger.

Alan had also invested in companies like CoinShares which is a Europe-based digital asset manager along with and Elwood. All these organizations provide services related to the crypto world and have a huge potential, while currently operating on a large-scale basis. It can be said that the future might be the same for Copper and Kikitrade as well.