HBAR purchase blunder costs $9,066 to a trader


An anonymous trader has was struck with a loss of around $9,066 after a Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) purchase blunder. The trader managed to spend the money after mistakenly placing an order for HBAR on Binance, amounting to $9,066, the exact amount of a Bitcoin.

Per a post on popular social media, Reddit, the trader perhaps wanted to buy Bitcoin. Instead, he substituted pairs, and a $9,066 purchase order was placed to buy HBAR at $0.0.

After the mistake was made and couldn’t be reversed, the order was processed, and the transaction that confirmed the swap was done. The conversion, however, was from fiat to HBAR.

HBAR purchase blunder: crypto performance in the market

As at the time of writing, HBAR already dropped by 4%, trading at 0.026 on Binance, a global crypto exchange firm by adjusted trading volumes with easy conversion processes. The order was completed in no time. Considering the hindsight, the order was a quick chance for traders who staked against HBAR.

HBAR has seeing good times, disappointing critics as it has been hiking until the tail end of February when all crypto prices began to crash.

As of the most recent trading day, the crypto increased, adding 25% against the greenback. However, up till now, the crypto had hiked by 51%, making traders more confident in it.

In that period, people have continued to trade the coin, and it has gained more users. Its market capitalization now has hiked and hinged at 40th at $183 million. The coin still sits 83% below from its ever highest price, which it made last year. It is above its ever lowest now by 4.4.

Hedra partnership with Google

Besides all the apparent HBAR purchase blunder, the Hedra has struck a deal with Google. The deal will ensure that Google completes a node on its cloud platform (GCP) as the crypto tries to develop its global network for distribution.

This makes the search engine giant and some other council members in charge of Hedera’s global infrastructure to make it a trusted platform online. Hedera said that the Internet giant had joined its governing board because it admires the platform they created.

However, the partnership looks promising as Google estimates that the organizations will earn over $1 billion in four years.

Featured Image by Pixabay