Crypto survey reveals 80 percent believes Bitcoin will top $100k in 2021


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Survey reveals 80 percent crypto users believe BTC will hit $100k this year
  • What has changed with BTC price

A recent crypto survey carried out on Twitter had 80 percent of respondents predict that Bitcoin price would break above $100,000 by December 2021. Many respondents in the crypto survey predicted Bitcoin would be above $100,000, with 33 percent predicting BTC would be above $288,000 by December.

The crypto survey shows how several months can bring a general bulk sentiment in the crypto community. A popular crypto proponent known as the stock-to-flow model carried out the survey among his several thousand followers on their view about Bitcoin price by the end of the year.

Close to $50,000 people responded to the survey, with the result quite overwhelming. Exactly 40 percent predicted over $100,000 while 33.2 percent predicted above $288,000 and 10 percent respondents predicted $500,000.

The survey result is primarily not a surprise as the price of not only Bitcoin but many other cryptos, ETH, BNB, ADA, among others, have taken many by surprise. They have set extreme new ATH nobody saw coming making cryptoers more bullish even as volatility has gone up and prices face severe rejections at critical levels.

Institutional and individual adoption of cryptocurrency in 2021, thanks to the price surge in the short period, has skyrocketed globally. Recently, Bitcoin became more popular in Turkey than Lira, the country’s traditional currency.

Why people have high hopes for BTC price – Crypto survey reveals

The entire crypto community is optimistic with high hopes that BTC would hit above $100,000 this year. The case was not so previously. Previously, in October 2020, Plan B carried out a similar survey when BTC price was only trying to hit $10,000. October 2020 now looks like a decade ago, whereas it was just six months ago.

Several people during that survey predicted that BTC would only be beneath $55,000 by December 2021. This is proof that sentiments have changed and how things can change drastically with crypto in less than one year.