TL;DR Breakdown • The crypto Investor trusted an App that a girl recommended him.• Steve Belcher confesses that he lost his retirement funds in the crypto scam Less than a week before the year 2022 – which has been promised to be the best year for crypto yet – began, another investor has lost significant […]
TL; DR Breakdown Polygon went public on a flaw that saw them make a discreet update. They rewarded the hackers who noticed the breach and reported it. Polygon has patched a flaw that left its indigenous asset, MATIC, valued at over $24 billion, in danger. The blockchain network announced that a hacker who assisted the […]
TL;DR Breakdown • South Korean researchers believe cyber hackers are organizing from Pyongyang.• North Korea could be the culprit of at least five cyber-attacks on the Western Exchanges. A government agent in the United States recently revealed that North Korea is becoming the center of illegal cryptocurrency operations. The agent believes that the country in […]
TL; DR Breakdown A set of HP nodes were hijacked and used for Raptoreum crypto mining. The thieves mined up to $110000 of Raptoreum during the heist. Cyberpunks broke into a collection of HP systems belonging to an unnamed enterprise. They seized command of the gear, redirecting it to generate virtual currency. Besides, the cybercriminals […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Regulators in Dubai will jail crypto scammers for five years.• Crypto-scams in UAE increased over 80 percent in 2021. Following the rise of crypto-scams in the UAE, various laws have been proposed to combat them, which could concern these criminal organizations. Recently, SCA lawmakers issued an order stating that crypto scammers could […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Researchers suggest that the movie’s torrent could have programs that affect the PC operation.• Crypto scams target Spiderman “No Way Home” on torrent. Cyber scams have been unleashed in the crypto world with the third Spider-man movie called “No Way Home,” A malware linked to the Marvel movie and cryptos is a […]
TL;DR Breakdown India police reminds locals about crypto scams and tells them to be careful. Says that most crypto scam cases are trading or investment fraud. Urges people not to be greedy to prevent them from crypto scams. The Indian police have sounded a warning to locals not to fall victim to any cryptocurrency scam […]
TL; DR Breakdown Crypto scams surged over 80% in 2021.  The majority of the scams were rug-pulls.   A total of $7.7 billion was lost this year due to scams and hacks.  Investors should always lookout for the red flags mentioned in this article to protect their assets.  2021 was the greatest year for crypto since […]
TL;DR Breakdown An FTM-based yield optimizer Grim Finance loses FTM tokens worth an estimated value of $30 M. Grim has classified the attack as highly advanced and contacted DAI and Circle to suspend further withdrawals. An FTM-based DeFi protocol, Grim Finance, has suffered an immense loss through a cyber attack that claimed FTM tokens worth […]
TL; DR Breakdown Businessman swindle investors of $140 million Badoer used his Aidos Kuneen token to carry out the crypto scam Investors urge the Central bank to intervene Over the last few years, there has been a massive amount of crypto scam reports all across the crypto sector. These activities and crimes have seen investors […]