TL;DR Breakdown Cybergoons made away with NFTs worth $2.2 M from art gallery owner Todd Kramer yesterday. An unauthorized person transferred the pieces from his wallet, but OpenSea confirmed freezing them. Yesterday, Art gallery owner Todd Kramer lost his BAYC NFTs stash to hackers. The pieces have a value of $2.2 M. Luckily, OpenSea intervened […]
TL; DR Breakdown Ozzy Osbourne joins the NFT bandwagon announcing his very own collection. The collection is inspired by his performance some decades ago, where the singer put a bat in his mouth. Ozzy being a clown, munched the head off the bat. Ozzy Osbourne, an iconic heavy metal band Black Sabbath frontman, launches Cryptobatz. […]
TL;DR Breakdown Italian supercar manufacturer’s headquarters office of Maranello has revealed their new partnership with Velas AG. Velas Network AG is an organization that deals with NFTs and blockchain technology. On DEC. 27, 2021, the headquarters of Ferrari manufacturers revealed that they had completed a partnership with Velas AG. The blockchain firm will help the […]
TL;DR Breakdown ItsBlockchain receives a lot of backclash after Cipher Punk NFT release. Twitter Backlash makes group shutdown NFT sales. The backlash on Twitter that followed the release of Cipher Punk NFT collection by ItsBlockchain has led the group completely shut down the collection and refund funds invested in the collection. ItsBlockchain on Christmas Day […]
TL;DR Breakdown • NFT products could gain more priority in the next year.• NGemz seeks to provide useful cryptographic solutions for crypto fans and NFTs. The new era of the NFT market is about to begin just under four days after closing the year 2021 with NGemz. The crypto company is reportedly willing to create […]
TL;DR Breakdown Kraken to offer loan services through its NFT market. Loan service is one of the many unique features of Kraken NFT market. Top American crypto exchange platform Kraken recently announced that it would be floating its NFT marketplace in 2022. In addition to that information, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said the NFT department […]
TL;DR Breakdown  In 2021, NFT was more popular in Google search than crypto.  Non-fungible Token sales generated over $10 billion this year.  Gaming integration and metaverse will add more value to this space in 2022.  According to Google Trends data of 2021, ‘NFT’ was more searched by users than ‘crypto’ or any specific cryptocurrencies. Although […]
TL;DR Breakdown This Friday, China’s government-operated Xinhua News network will launch its inaugural digital art. The NFT features unique moments of 2021 that the firm documented. China’s major state media is launching its NFTs. Xinhua News corporation announced launching a set of journal images called “News Digital Collection.” The corporation will avail the journal images […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Niftify launches its new NFT collection with Ice-T backing them.• The NFT trading platform opens payments in non-fungible auctions to debit, credit, and cryptocurrencies. Niftify has just talked about its next digital project. The announcement indicates that the platform will launch an NFT collection with 10,000 unique hip-hop and rap images. But […]
TL;DR Breakdown • The crypto platform promises a Metaverse to interact with players.• UFF believes that the partnership with Cudos will allow each of its goals to be met. UFF, a platform that supports sports-focused NFT commerce, has partnered with decentralized cloud technology network Cudos to create a highly dynamic metaverse. According to announcements, the […]