TL;DR Breakdown • More people earning cryptocurrencies with Axie Infinity.• Chief Growth Officer of Axie promises to create a computer game metaverse. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, the citizens of Cabanatuan looked for a cost-effective way to distract themselves. These people north of Manila chose video games to earn money at home. They […]
TL;DR Breakdown • WazirX entered the NFT marketplaces in June and has had the best participation.• NFTically, OpenSea and Wall are part of the competition in India’s NFT adoption. NFT marketplaces are reestablishing in India at a good speed. India has shown a rise among platforms that offer NFT for purchase. Since July, Twitter saw […]
TL;DR Breakdown NFTs occupy a market space of around $500 million. The growth of these tokens will attract more people to decentralized blockchain usage. Most developers rely on centralized systems that they are prone to threats. The growth of NFTs seems unstoppable. Non fungible tokens or NFTs have recently seen a huge surge in their […]
The concept of virtual land has been around for decades, such as with the Multi-User Dungeon games of the late 70s. These text-based games evolved into MMORPGs like Worldsaway and Dreamscape, all the way to today’s immersive virtual land experiences like No Man’s Sky or Minecraft. However, these virtual land platforms all have one thing […]
TL;DR Breakdown Giorgio Chiellini NFT set new price record for NFT sold on Solana Trezeguet NFT, his golden goal in Euro 2000 auction ends today The Gladiator, Giorgio Chiellini’s NFT, has broken the record for NFT sales on Solana as each piece of the fungible sold for $58,989. After his win at Euro 2020, the […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Grow House is the only NFT game that links cannabis to cryptocurrencies.• Grow House goes live on the 1st of June. Grow House has created the first online metaverse for all cannabis and cryptocurrency lovers. The NFT game has been a trend since its launch because it features a unique virtual reality […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Scienjoy partners with the GFE Foundation to help young artists.• The NFTs could be used for live broadcasts to Futuro as planned by Scienjoy. The Chinese streaming platform, Scienjoy Holding, showed its plans to create a live broadcast and NFT art gallery. This gallery will be inaugurated in New York and the […]
TL;DR Breakdown • AXS gains value among Non-Fungible Video Game Tokens.• The new crypto is a priority for the Philippines and Indonesia. Cryptocurrencies consistently increase in purchasing power as new technologies emerge from their adoption. This time comes the Axie Infinity token that corresponds to new crypto combined with online games. The token has reached […]
TL;DR Breakdown ONE Championship joins hands with the Theta Network to further their interests in the NFT industry. The rise of NFTs has led to the development of a new NFT marketplace that will be a result of this new partnership. NFTs or non-fungible tokens have been quite popular with several people around the world […]
TL;DR Breakdown A new announcement by Nifty’s Inc. has revealed the launch of a social NFT platform. The shocking partnership is developed between Nifty’s Inc. and the entertainment giant Warner Bros. The partnership will be dedicated to the release of the Space Jam characters NFTs on the social NFT platform. A major announcement from Nifty’s […]