TL;DR Breakdown Disney NFTs to be available for purchase on Disney+ Day. Disney NFTs will trade on Veve marketplace. It is a beautiful time for art lovers, who now have the opportunity to get their hands on Disney characters they have always desired. The Disney and VeVe companies have partnered to release the NFT series […]
TL;DR Breakdown ONE Championship joins hands with the Theta Network to further their interests in the NFT industry. The rise of NFTs has led to the development of a new NFT marketplace that will be a result of this new partnership. NFTs or non-fungible tokens have been quite popular with several people around the world […]
TL;DR Breakdown A recent royal NFTs project based on Italy’s House of Savoy is waiting to make a market debut on the 150th Italy’s Unification anniversary. The NFTs will tell a story of the royal house’s heroic efforts in helping many globally. Recently, the artistic film director Yi Zhou talked about her upcoming royal NFTs featuring Italy’s […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Marvel will divide the NFT Collection into five sections ranging from $40 to $400.• Marvel hopes to continue to create experiments with NFTs. The Marvel superhero movie franchise has created its NFT collection supporting cryptocurrencies. The film company did not miss the opportunity to use the non-fungible tokens for its benefit and […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Scienjoy partners with the GFE Foundation to help young artists.• The NFTs could be used for live broadcasts to Futuro as planned by Scienjoy. The Chinese streaming platform, Scienjoy Holding, showed its plans to create a live broadcast and NFT art gallery. This gallery will be inaugurated in New York and the […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Flicky’s Avatar will be a key piece in the virtual project• Sandbox is willing to create the first NFT project linked to reality. Sandbox developers recently talked...
TL;DR Breakdown This Friday, China’s government-operated Xinhua News network will launch its inaugural digital art. The NFT features unique moments of 2021 that the firm documented. China’s major state media is launching its NFTs. Xinhua News corporation announced launching a set of journal images called “News Digital Collection.” The corporation will avail the journal images […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Dunamu’s crypto company, Upbit, has the most valued shareholders in the country.• The partnership between Dumanu and Upbit will catalyze several NFT auctions based on K-Pop groups. Recently, two large shareholders of the Dunamu company in South Korea became the country’s first billionaires due to their shares in 2021. Dunamu has been […]
TL;DR Breakdown • The brand partnered with Tezos to create its NFT collection.• Red Bull and McLaren revolutionize the virtual market with their unique auctions. Recently the automotive group that has gained priority in Formula 1, Red Bull, completed its first auction of Non-fungible tokens. The American company that has always supported the sport offered […]
TL;DR Breakdown The CFO of Lyft, Brian Roberts, has moved to NFT marketplace. OpenSea facing criticism due to this move. With the growth of the NFT sector, several new platforms and marketplaces are making their way into the industry. Each one of them is trying to attract more and more potential investors and clients. However, […]