TL;DR Breakdown The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has partnered with Timbaland The most liked ape is Bored Ape #9996 The most expensive Bored Ape #2078 at 769 ETH ($3.32 million) The Cheapest Bored Ape is #955 at the best offer of 2.989 WETH The popular collection-type non-fungible token (NFT) Bored Ape Yacht Club is […]
TL;DR Breakdown AMC Ent. to will start accepting SHIB as a payment method in two to four months The company will involve Bitpay in facilitating transactions. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc CEO Adam Aron announced that Bitpay decided to support SHIB. Bitpay specifically said yes to his request. So the theatre chain can take Shiba Inu coin for […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Timbaland seeks to link the NFTs to the metaverse like Universal Music Group.• The producer reveals that the virtual band’s first single will be released on Wednesday, November 17. The NFT trade has proven global availability, and thousands of enthusiasts, including music producers, can join its system. Recently, rapper, songwriter, and music […]
TL; DR Breakdown The CEO of Coinbase is confident that the company’s upcoming NFT marketplace would be bigger than the cryptocurrency exchange. The marketplace is expected to be launched to the public in the next quarter or two. Coinbase already partakes in the NFT industry through its venture arm, which invested in Opensea, the biggest […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Game developers believe their medieval metaverse will be a success.• Talecraft has several reputable companies supporting its NFT project. The technological future is close, and cryptocurrencies will be part of the NFT market. Recently the video game website Talecraft showed its new project that consists of a medieval metaverse in which non-fungible […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Dunamu’s crypto company, Upbit, has the most valued shareholders in the country.• The partnership between Dumanu and Upbit will catalyze several NFT auctions based on K-Pop groups. Recently, two large shareholders of the Dunamu company in South Korea became the country’s first billionaires due to their shares in 2021. Dunamu has been […]
TL; DR Breakdown Hackers forge Beeple’s announcement to coincide with the next one. Several fans thought they were up for a better-priced NFT drop. Beeple’s users have lost almost 40 ETH after popular digital artist official Discord channel of Mike Winkelmann was compromised. The perpetrators posted an NFT auction in the artist’s name. The users […]
TL; DR Breakdown Rolling stone is currently minting its NFT. The magazine is partnering with Bored Ape to maximize sales. Rolling Stone music magazine has joined the NFT space today. They auctioned two digital publication covers developed in conjunction with BAYC. So far, the Ape-themed digital painting compilation has traded $1 billion in auxiliary selling size until […]
TL;DR Breakdown Disney NFTs to be available for purchase on Disney+ Day. Disney NFTs will trade on Veve marketplace. It is a beautiful time for art lovers, who now have the opportunity to get their hands on Disney characters they have always desired. The Disney and VeVe companies have partnered to release the NFT series […]
TL;DR Breakdown • The NFT trade arrives in South Africa with unique pieces.• The Tambo pen gun will be auctioned for $5,000. The NFT trade welcomes a new virtual piece based on the South African politician Oliver Tambo, not on his image but his distinguished pen gun. This virtual auction will aim to raise money […]