EDGAR is a world database that collects and publishes information on companies. The registry would transfer crypto resources swiftly towards institutionalization. EDGAR will increase investors’ confidence in crypto companies. EDGAR is the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system. Companies and others use the database to submit documents. It is accessible to all. Anyone that […]
TL;DR Breakdown NYU professor says BTC does not pass for a currency NYU professor picks ETH over BTC Aswath Damodaran, a finance professor at the New York University’s Stern School of Business, has once again called Bitcoin a failed currency. The know Bitcoin critic said this during an interview on episode 10 of the Moneycontrol […]
Japenese digital currency exchange, Fisco has accused Binance Holdings of allowing money laundering through its exchange platform. Fisco claimed that the Binance exchange was operating with inadequate Anti-money laundering measures, which made it an ideal platform for the bad actors to cash out. The Japanese exchange seeks relief from Binance. Fisco blames Binance exchange for […]
In a recent episode of The Pomp Podcast billionaire entrepreneur and Bitcoin critic Mark Cuban shared his opinion on the monetary policy decisions taken by the government post the health […]
Paxful, an over-the-counter peer-to-peer exchange based in the US, conducted a crypto sentiment survey in India. According to the results of the survey, a crypto boom in India is due […]
Cryptocurrency market and stocks continue to take a severe beating, following an Easter weekend, as both markets struggle to cope up with the far-reaching impact of the pandemic in the […]
A new letter from Olha Buslavets, the head of Ukraine’s Energy and Environmental Protection, is proposing the use of excess nuclear power in crypto mining operations in the country. The letter was sent to the state-owned energy operator, Energoatom.  Crypto mining operation blossoms in Ukraine If approved, the government will develop data centers at their […]
Barnbridge stablecoin has over $100 million in deposits. Coin likely to draw in more institutional players. Decentralized finance users have dropped stablecoins worth over $100 million to a new Ethereum based project named, Barnbridge. The new DeFi farm yield project was invested in by some top innovators, enthusiasts, and even some of the industry’s most […]
Blockchain development platform Alchemy has announced public launch after closed beta testing. Alchemy is a platform that enables users to develop and grow blockchain applications by providing the necessary infrastructure. The platform provides development and infrastructure tools for many popular blockchain solutions. Blockchain development platform Alchemy The San Fransico-based firm was founded three years ago […]
One of the largest payments corporation and a company whose product is most likely laying in your wallet right now, Mastercard has announced a few job openings which has something or everything to do with cryptocurrencies. As soon as these new vacancies were announced, the Mastercard cryptocurrency rumors immediately started flaring up all over Reddit and Twitter. So what are these positions? One that strikes the eye the most is the opening for a senior blockchain engineer which will be in direct contact with the products management team to develop projects for cryptocurrencies as well as crypto wallets in the