Sadyr Japarov looks to blockchain-based elections to improve voter turnout Kyrgyzstan Prime minister promises fair elections to come The acting President of Kyrgyzstan has proposed the Central Election Commission incorporate blockchain technology after recent elections were marred by vote-buying. Sadyr Japarov, acting President and also prime minister, only received his latest office of state on […]
The online payment market has been crying out for a viable crypto solution for some time. The problem is, traditional cryptocurrencies present a number of problems for both users and businesses when used for online payments. That’s why Samecoin brings you a dual system of cryptocurrencies to simplify payments and fees for online payments and […]
Uniswap price on the verge of further downside UNI/USD pair breaches support near $3 Number of fresh UNI addresses on the decline Trading volume rising as price falls Uniswap price overview Uniswap price is risking further dip after breaching $3.0 support. Uniswap governance token, UNI, is among the biggest hits in the cryptocurrency industry after […]
Stablecoins present tons of benefits for normal people who want to enjoy the benefits of crypto and digital currencies without some of the drawbacks of coins like Bitcoin. Stablecoins like SameUSD are easy to understand for everyone (not just those who are tech-savvy or have a strong background in blockchain technology). The values are stable, […]
Crypto lender Cred in a bid to enhance its lending and staking services for users had announced its addition to Visa’s Fast Track program. According to the announcement the San Francisco-based crypto lending and staking,firm has joined the Visa Fast Track program, which would enable it to access Visa’s resources and network to expand its […]
Indian crypto companies are still optimistic about a bright future. However, the sector was stirred to the depths when rumors started making rounds again last week that a government bill to prohibit Indian users from owning any form of crypto would come into effect soon. India’s crypto scene was finally seeing some action this year […]
Sweden have began exploring how its CBDC project will impact its economy  European Union also looking at how similar projects would bolster the continent digital payment system The government of Sweden has begun to explore the possibility of running a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). According to the report, the country had set up a […]
bitFlyer Europe has integrated PayPal service Users can choose the payment option for Euro deposits The integration serves as a bridge between users and the exchange Digital currency exchange, bitFlyer Europe, is looking to lower the barriers to entry for the people in the European countries to adopt cryptocurrencies. Most recently, the exchange revealed that […]
Patrick Byrne, Overstock’s former CEO reportedly sold his thirteen percent (13%) stake in the firm for ninety dollars ($90M) in order to shift towards gold and trading of cryptocurrency. He sold his entire stake in Overstock in three (3) days. and in August Byrne resigned from the Overstock and cashed out almost a little over four (4.8) million Overstock shares, which accounts for over thirteen percent of the firm. According to the records of the U.S Security and Exchange Commission, Byrne sold his shares at lower rates in the past three days, prices ranging from a little over twenty-one (21.84)
In lieu to reports that Coinbase Analytics would be sold to agencies of the United States government, Brian Armstrong, the firm’s CEO, has shed more insight to the claim. Reportedly, the exchange was said to have signed a contract alongside the United States Secret Service worth $183,750 to help the agency with its blockchain analytics […]