Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, the digital asset has continued to soar and break into new grounds, enjoying new recommendations, persistent adoption, and governments’ favor with friendly policies. The most recent recommendation the digital asset got is one that is capable of changing the entire narrative around cryptocurrency. Popular TV series The Simpsons have joined the train in showing support and recommending Bitcoin and blockchain, dedicating a whole segment for the topic. Simpsons Bitcoin segment featured in the popular series in the 31st season of the series episode 18. In a short section of the yet to release episode, it
The NEAR Foundation, which recently launched the mainnet for its proof-of-stake (PoS), raised 21.6 million dollars in its token sale led by Andreessen Horowitz. NEAR is a public proof-of-stake network that focuses on network operability and scalability. The network uses sharding, a method also employed by Ethereum 2.0, that divides the blockchain into multiple servers […]
As China’s Digital Yuan set to launch later this year, the rivalry the digital currency will provide for the US dollar is a source of concern for Japan lawmakers  as they are asking that the issue be tabled at the next G7 meeting. However, Japan is also weighing its options as to create its own digital currency but not likely to launch it anytime soon. Unarguably, China has continued to grow technologically regarding invention and adoption. This is evident even in the crypto space.  While other countries are weighing whether or not to adopt new technologies like blockchain, China has
A criminal complaint filed on Thursday with the federal court conveyed charges against former Uber Chief Security Officer (CSO), Joseph Sullivan. As the US Department of Justice (DOJ) reported, Sullivan attempted to conceal an Uber data breach, which occurred four years ago, from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). He allegedly paid a six-figure amount in […]
Wirecard CEO Markus Braun has resigned from his position with immediate effect following the company’s stock crash. Wirecard has been in the news for the past few days as the company failed to locate more than two billion dollars of lost funds. The German payment processor was stuck between a rock and a hard place […]
Barnbridge stablecoin has over $100 million in deposits. Coin likely to draw in more institutional players. Decentralized finance users have dropped stablecoins worth over $100 million to a new Ethereum based project named, Barnbridge. The new DeFi farm yield project was invested in by some top innovators, enthusiasts, and even some of the industry’s most […]
RSK has revealed a grants program to support the development of decentralised applications (dApps). RSK grants program The company has dedicated 200,000 dollars for the project and developers have been invited to present their ideas regarding dApps. RSK is the first smart contract platform deployed on the Bitcoin network. The platform allows developers to create, test and employ dApps. The program would allow developers to test their skills and help them improve by giving them guiding feedback. The program involves a round of feedback that would help developers in improving themselves. The program also offers mentorship opportunities with the platform’s
The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has entered the third phase of development for its digital Baht project and plans on expanding its use among corporations. According to The Nation Thailand, BOT assistant governor Vachira Arromdee revealed that the bank is already using the CBDC for financial transactions with some big businesses. Digital Baht The bank […]
Staking and masternodes are similar in many ways. Staking is walking on a similar path that masternodes took in 2017. Back then, masternodes were trusted by many crypto enthusiasts as insurance against losses. Many viewed them as altcoins to protect against excessive price volatility. Now, staking is reaching similar ‘obsession’ levels and is being viewed skeptically. Recently, the chief executive officer of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, expressed his views in a tweet where he claimed that the world is repeating the masternodes saga. The stark comparison of staking and masternodes was made in response to the cryptocurrency exchange launching the Algorand
TL;DR Breakdown • Revolut paid almost double the taxes in cryptocurrencies by 2020.• The UK company’s financial services accept 40 cryptocurrencies. Fintech company Revolut is going through financial losses. These losses almost doubled in 2020 despite cryptocurrencies going through an incredible boom. The former Lehman Brothers’ traders, Nik Storonsky and Martin Gilbert, founded this company. […]