TL;DR Breakdown:  Reports claim that Chainlink may surpass Bitcoin.  Chainlink’s technology’s continual usage would birth the potential of making the LINK token gain an edge, and Chainlink may surpass Bitcoin  A report was released by a Citi Group team earlier this week. The report suggests that Chainlink may surpass Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency named Bitcoin was […]
Former hedge fund manager and crypto proponent Raoul Pal has predicted that MicroStrategy Bitcoin investment, which has favored the firm, would not necessarily attract other corporate organizations to invest in Bitcoin. MicroStrategy’s break into the crypto space has left the firm amused and all excited. Michael Saylor, the firm’s CEO and founder after the investment, […]
The latest statistics clearly indicate that the crypto winters are over now, as several cryptocurrencies posted unprecedented highs. Collectively the digital assets hit a thirteen month high with the market cap of three hundred and eighty-five billion dollars. This collective crypto market cap is way more than the three hundred and eighty billion dollars mark last year in May. Later the Bitcoin bubble in 2018 took the crypto industry into new lows. From the end of November 2018 to the start of March 2019, sideways trends were maintained by the market value. An upward trend by the digital assets was
A blockchain tomato tracing pilot project is the next big thing from Tokenfarm to go live in Italy. Tokenfarm, powered by the ToolChain technology from VeChain, is set to be part of the latest Italian agricultural blockchain innovation involving tomato tracing. The landmark deal will feature the national agriculture entrepreneurial body of Italy called Coldiretti and […]
The coronavirus has in every way possible exposed the crypto market volatility. The world’s economy has always suffered big blows whenever the globe witnesses crises as big as Covid-19. On the one hand, disasters like this have often birthed accelerated innovations. The fintech industry hasn’t been an exception in any of these. Companies are fast-tracking […]
Max Keiser of the Russian media house RT believes that Bitcoin is the best existing solution to stop market manipulation of the precious metal market. Commenting on a CNBC Futures Now tweet that poses the question; is bitcoin the ultimate safe haven trade? Keiser explains that the idea was first presented on his show and Bitcoin is indeed a safe haven especially for institutional investors. He furthers that, Bitcoin is a better safe haven than gold which is open source money. He explains that “Bitcoin is to fiat what Linux is to Unix.” Keiser stated that the same people are
Tim Draper, the renowned Silicon Valley investor, Bitcoin evangelist, and a highly in-demand entrepreneur, is apparently anti-IPOs. During the week-long virtual event Unitize, Draper stated that the initial public offerings are not rewarding when it comes to using them for fundraising. The Unitize Blockchain Conference, being held from July 6 to July 10, is featuring […]
Customers love fintech companies that go the extra mile to help them manage their money better. They will go with a company that makes them understand their income and expenditure or uses AI to make real time recommendations. A fintech-customer relationship is likely to succeed if the usefulness of the product is compelling. This is […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bahamas gets residents to sign-up for CBDC The edge sand dollar has over digital yuan John Rolle, Governor of the Central Bank of the Bahamas, has said that the country has continued to push for a national digital currency (Bahamas CBDC) adoption this summer. For now, the governor notes that the goal is […]
As an entrepreneur, you probably already know that while you may consider the factors at play in making your business successful some things are simply out of your control. It’s like farming – you can plant the best seeds in the most fertile land, but you can’t predict the exact weather patterns or the insects and diseases. In this case, things such as future economic conditions and employee behavior remain elusive. Here are six tips to help keep your business afloat at times of financial hurdles. 1.  Analyze Your Cash Flow Trust but verify – get hold of your checkbook