Crypto mining is about to get a massive boost in Kazakhstan as the country is set to raise about $700 million to help mining. In a statement that was released by Bagdatussin, the Digital Development Minister in Kazakhstan said the country is hoping to secure a $700 million investment.  The minister said that if the […]
Crypto Mergers and Acquisitions rates are dropping in America. Rate of funding too is dropping. According to a recent report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), most crypto mergers and acquisitions are no longer dominated by Americans. Instead, most deals have found their way into the Asians and Europeans market. According to the report which assessed the […]
Genesis Global Trading makes its first-ever acquisition by buying Qu Capital. Genesis, an institutional over-the-counter crypto trading firm, hopes to improve its service by acquiring Qu Capital. Qu Capital which is based in New York is a trading and research firm that will assist Genesis in enhancing their trading services by introducing better order routing and execution tools. Genesis and Qu: The acquisition and what it beholds for the firm Genesis CEO Michael Moro addressed the purchase by stating that the move will allow the company to raise its technological capabilities. Furthermore, he believed that through the acquisition, the firm
In what can be said to be an aftermath of the global coronavirus pandemic, commercial loan hike is being experienced at the moment as loans have hiked to $2.8 trillion, […]
It was in 2017 when privacy crypto coins like Monero (XMR) and DASH rose to their highest prices. By the end of the year, XMR was nearing US$ 500 while Dash went on to almost hit the US$ 1650 mark. After a very short while, these privacy crypto coins fell by 92% and 96% respectively. While it was widely assumed that privacy coins have lost their position in the market, reports in early 2020 have indicated otherwise. In the past seven days, XMR has shown a positive 10% rise whereas DASH jumped up by 140%  from US$ 52 to US$125.
TL;DR Breakdown Hermez mainnet launched officially. They hope to provide a solution to the high Ethereum gas fees Hermez Network is introducing Proof-of Donation Hermez Network has launched its mainnet. The network hopes to reduce Ethereum gas fees by collapsing several transfers into just one transaction.  With the rise in the popularity of Ethereum blockchain, […]
Google quantum computer is here! The company has announced that it has achieved successful ‘Quantum Supremacy.’ The tech giant has said that its Sycamore quantum chip has been able to achieve supercomputing technical prowess befitting a quantum chip. Quantum computing a rarefied field that many tech giants are striving to ace. Quantum computers have processing powers far superior to current-generation supercomputers. It may represent a giant technical leap forward, but it also signifies fear among the crypto community. Quantum computing creates an environment of uncertainty because it poses serious threats to the security quotient of the cryptocurrencies. Google Quantum Computer
Many people believe that getting rid of debt is so consuming that people feel devoid of purpose after finishing it off. When in fact, most of the poor population of our world, after settling debts, start to build on their newfound opportunities of being able to invest. Life after debt for the poor is full of opportunities. How do people cope with debt There is no denying the fact that debt can very easily destroy a person’s livelihood. Banks and conventional microfinance companies tend to increase their interest rates to a point where people have to pay double of what
Sequel to Ripple’s success in the recent series C funding led by Tetragon, the crypto company has been named the 2nd most valuable company in the cryptocurrency industry. Ranked the 2nd most valuable crypto company, it falls behind Bitman, bitcoin mining giants in the crypto industry and is valued at $10 billion. The company achieved this feat thanks to its achievement in the series C funding and the fact that it ranked in $200 million of new ventures investment. The firm is involved in gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network. Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO, in his reaction to