TL;DR Breakdown • Care will launch a pilot plan for cryptocurrency vouchers in Kenya and Ecuador.• The cryptocurrency adoption is increasing, and this has boosted the BTC price to over $46000. CARE, a global charity, plans to create cryptocurrency vouchers for helpless people in Africa and Latin America. These vouchers can be used for services […]
JAX coins are stablecoins that are not pegged to an underlying reserve of assets like the conventional stablecoins such as USDT and BUSD. The intrinsic value of JAX is intended to be stable over time due to a unique mining mechanism that ensures a balance between its supply and demand.  The JAX reward function is […]
Chipz is adding thrill to its already promising fanfare of decentralized betting through its recently launched public presale. Even better, unlike most public presales, where it is all about hitting fundraising targets, the public presale will reward early Chipz participants with NFTs. Here’s what you need to know about the Chipz public presale. We all […]
The world of crypto and crypto-based projects appears to be in a constant state of flux. Ideas become trends, some of which evolve into yet newer concepts. Conversely, many are still-born and never get the momentum needed to get off the ground. Likewise, buzzwords associated with a la mode projects fill the airwaves, with many […]
It’s no secret that virtual property is a hot topic in the blockchain community.  With the explosion of projects like Next Earth, Decentraland, and Earth 2, it’s easy to forget that virtual property predates these more mainstream blockchain apps by decades. In fact, most of the concepts we take for granted today were first introduced […]
Financial intermediation can be classified as Real Economy (as opposed to Financial Economy) if it is directly linked to a Real Economy Asset or Activity. This means that the intermediation is aimed at directly supporting the production of goods and services instead of focusing primarily on buying and selling in the financial markets.   Through Horizon […]
The centralization of networks aims to increase efficiency by taking advantage of the economy. Localization processes are done to increase the control and execution of a service. Networks are organized based on localization processes. Thus, the speed and flexibility of networks are also increased.  The primary purpose of the protocols is always to achieve better. […]
TL;DR Breakdown • AMC will accept BTC payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay.• AMC plans to use crypto payments by the end of the year. AMC, a prestigious movie theater, announced that it is considering using BTC payments for movie tickets purchase. Cryptocurrencies have hit the big screen with a North American momentum that […]
Strategies are the lifeblood of every organization. They are as essential to globally extended businesses as they are to small and medium-sized ventures. They facilitate efficient management and goals to achieve growth and development. What is resource allocation? Resources are the set of elements available for an operation. Allocation is the distribution of elements for […]
We all wish we could have gotten in on Bitcoin at $1, $100, or even $10,000. After all, Bitcoin is now hovering around $40,000, and it’s sure to climb far higher in the long run. If you’re not an early bird in the crypto space, but still want to get in on the action, this […]