TL;DR Breakdown The Dogecoin price analysis is Bullish. Price levels have recovered to $0.158. Support is present at $0.154. The latest Dogecoin price analysis shows a strong comeback from the bullish side, as the price suddenly zoomed past $0.153 resistance. The momentum seems strong as bulls are covering range upwards by elevating the price level […]
TL;DR Breakdown The Polygon price analysis is bullish. Resistance for MATIC is found at $2.65. MATIC/USD is currently trading at $2.34. In yesterday’s analysis, we saw the Polygon price analysis was bullish as it broke through several resistances. It is currently trading at $2.34, which looks quite promising as the bulls are attempting to push […]
TL;DR Breakdown Monero price analysis appears to be bearish. The strongest resistance is available at $246. XMR/USD is currently trading at $184.4. The Monero price analysis is looking bearish today. Monero has been consolidating during the past three weeks inside an ascending channel. A breakdown of this channel could be very bearish, and Monero might continue to […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin Cash price analysis is bearish today. Support for BCH/USD is present at $354. Resistance is present at $384. The Bitcoin Cash price analysis shows the coin crashed hard as the price decreased to a one-year lowest level today. BCH has been on a downtrend since 10th November after reaching a second peak […]
TL;DR Breakdown The Axie Infinity price analysis is bearish. Resistance for AXS is present at $73.3. Support for the crypto pair is present at $63.4. The Axie Infinity price analysis shows the bears continue to rule the market and have brought down the price to the $67 range today. The price function is being constantly […]
One particular problem of “Robinhood server error” happened on Thursday, January 28, 2021, the app is completely inaccessible for some. This is largely due to the situation surrounding GameStop stock. So what to do when you are again caught in a similar situation? You might also have seen an “unexpected server error” in the Robinhood app. The […]
Cryptocurrencies have been all the rage in recent years. And this frenzy has no way of dying down anytime soon. As cryptocurrency enters the mainstream and becomes adopted by everyday companies, more and more people are looking to get into the crypto space. The crypto market continues to appeal to both novice and institutional investors […]
Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are growing in popularity each day as more and more people learn about the benefits of investing in cryptos. Even though the crypto market is known for its volatility, people are drawn to the chances of gaining large profits with little effort. Crypto exchange platforms are a source for users to connect […]
Selecting a crypto wallet may seem complicated but suitable to store your crypto. When you buy digital currency on a trading platform or exchange, you may have the option to leave the “keys” to your coins within the account — that’s one form of storage. But you can also move them off the platform to a personal […]
TL;DR Breakdown Tezos price analysis is bearish today. XTZ/USD retraced to $4.3. Tezos is presently trading at $4.1. Tezos price analysis is bearish today as we saw the previous drop below $4 major support met with a reaction higher overnight. XTZ/USD now is likely ready for another test of downside as enough has been retraced. […]