About 76 cryptocurrency exchanges have shut down since the start of 2020. Most of these exchanges went missing in action without any reason. More than 70 crypto exchanges are no longer in operation, according to the Exchange Graveyard section of Crypto Wisser. Among other reasons, these exchanges had to shut down their operations this year […]
The latest Bitcoin crime report on Tuesday has informed a 54-year-old Sydney man Warren Shane Collins, who reportedly stabbed his brother nine times after assuming he stole his cryptocurrency. However, Warren is reported to be mentally ill, but that didn’t stop the court from sentencing him to a maximum of seven years imprisonment. As The […]
According to an official statement by company management, the culprits behind the recent KuCoin exchange multi-million dollar money heist has been identified. Furthermore, according to Johnny Lyu, he asserted that disciplinary measures are being taken against the attackers, although there was no further information revealed concerning such actions. Third – Largest Crypto Heist KuCoin exchange […]
French police have rounded up 29 individuals who were said to be involved in crypto terrorism by funding extremist groups using digital assets. In the news that was reported by ABC News, the arrests were made in a bid to destabilize a high connection of crypto terrorism funding. The operation was said to be masterminded […]
FinCEN director says banks should also consider crypto risk exposures. Banks and cryptocurrency exchanges have to adopt effective AML policies. FinCEN will examine the effectiveness of banks AML program when assessing them Money laundering is being perpetrated with digital currencies and it has become a major concern for many regulators and authorities around the world. […]
It’s now more obvious that many decentralized finance (DeFi) participants are starry-eyed to making huge returns in new protocol while neglecting the possible risks involved. Probably due to FOMO (Fear of missing out), DeFi investors sent about $15 million to an uncompleted DeFi protocol, Eminence. These funds were reportedly drained within a few hours by […]
Just a day after Uniswap released its governance token UNI, fake Uniswap giveaways have emerged on the internet attempting to loot unsuspecting investors. Fake cryptocurrency giveaways rear their ugly heads from time to time again across popular websites such as YouTube. Surprisingly, each time at least a few people fall victim to this classic scam. […]
Blockchain forensics company, CipherTrace said in a recent report that financial institutions around the world were able to report 134,500 suspicious crypto transactions over the last two years. However, the reported cases may not entirely cover for the whole illicit transactions made with virtual currencies. CipherTrace asserts that a significant percentage of suspicious crypto transactions […]
Lazarus hacking group, a cybercrime ring based in North Korea is using LinkedIn advertisements to target cryptocurrency users. According to a recent report, the group is targeting cryptocurrency and blockchain talents by posting ads regarding crypto-related jobs. Once triggered, the ad runs malicious macro code on the victim’s device. Lazarus hacking group attacking through LinkedIn […]
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have come a long way from where they started in 2009. The industry has grown to become a market worth more than $350 billion with numerous cryptocurrencies recording daily trade volume of billions. However, as the market continues to grow, so does the list of blights that have continued to plague the […]