CoinMetrics has partnered with KPMG to enable a trusted foundation for crypto adoption. The alliance will allow both entities to integrate their blockchain tools. It’s agreeable to note that institutions are gradually arriving in the cryptocurrency market. This is evident enough following the recent move by the leading digital payment platform, PayPal, to enable the […]
Alleged Crypto scammer detained in Spain Authorities charge him with money laundering and fraud. In Spain, law enforcement agents have arrested a crypto scammer, Santiago Fuentes, who founded and operated a crypto trading firm that was used to defraud over 100,000 people allegedly. The crypto company used for the alleged scam, Arbicorp, is renowned for […]
Prominent Risk Management platform TRM Labs has appointed former Treasury Official Ari Redbord to a critical role. Former Treasury official Redboard, well known for his work on the Treasury’s FinCEN taskforce, will now represent TRM as its head of government and legal affairs. This appointment is the latest move by the Federal government in their […]
Users received phishing emails containing software that led to a loss of funds. The hack is linked to a customer data leak from June of 2020. The company has warned its users to stay vigilant and verify incoming requests. Renowned cryptocurrency wallet provider, Ledger, has fallen prey to yet another phishing attack. The attack is […]
Yield farming protocol, Harvest Finance has been hacked. The attacker made away with $24 million, but returned $2.5 million. The issue of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol exploitations is becoming worrisome and posing a huge threat to the speedy growth of the industry. A few hours ago, a hacker was able to take advantage of bugs […]
DOJ publishes 83-page report detailing plan regulate cryptocurrency usage DOJ already seizing crypto accounts used by hackers and charging crypto exchanges with fraud DOJ Cybercrime Taskforce hopes to increase regulation of cryptocurrency platforms Since 2010, the line between traditional financial crime and cybercrime has grown increasingly blurry – a problem compounded by the advent of […]
Rowland Andrade’s company, NAC Foundation (NAC) continues to challenge SEC lawsuit Andrade has claimed there is no case The defendant accused the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) of having ‘mislead the court’ regarding patents Rowland Marcus Andrade, accused of selling unregistered securities in the form of AML Bitcoin, has now appealed to a San Francisco […]
Imposters used Charles Hoskinson video to promote a Cardano scam. An investor admitted to losing about 15,000 ADA as a result. The issue of scamming is becoming a threat to the level of trust in the cryptocurrency industry. Fraudsters now impersonate influential figures in the industry to defraud unsuspecting followers and investors, especially on YouTube. […]
Binance halts a planned plan exit scam on DeFi investors. About $30,000 was lost but restored to Chinese investors. Scammers have been a plague stunning the growth of the nascent decentralized finance (DeFi) space, including the cryptocurrency industry in general. While some scammers could luckily get away with the acts, many of them could still […]
CipherTrace publishes guidance on how to detect illegal crypto usage. There has been a decline in cash seizure, which suggests that criminals might be laundering ill-gotten funds via crypto. More like a guide, CipherTrace, a blockchain surveillance company, recently posted a concise report, informing law enforcement officers on how to detect signs of cryptocurrency usage. […]