TL;DR Breakdown • Banking in India believes that private crypto is an unreliable option to invest in.• The RBI could resume its crypto regulations in 2022. Recently the Reserve Bank of India, RBI, opined on private crypto and the risks involved in trading with it. India’s regulatory authority again attacked crypto with just under two […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Researchers suggest that the movie’s torrent could have programs that affect the PC operation.• Crypto scams target Spiderman “No Way Home” on torrent. Cyber scams have been unleashed in the crypto world with the third Spider-man movie called “No Way Home,” A malware linked to the Marvel movie and cryptos is a […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Crypto company hopes to use English Club in NFT trading.• WAGMI crypto investors would seek to bid with payment in cryptos. Recently a group of Crypto investors in WAGMI United, a crypto company in the United States, announced that they would buy the Bradford City Football sports team. This occurs after the […]
TL;DR Breakdown • The financial agency believes that cryptocurrencies have risks.• IMF will seek an appropriate way to regulate the crypto market. The cryptocurrency market will end with big regulation, according to the opinions left by the IMF. Recently the international monetary fund spoke about cryptocurrencies and why they should be regulated soon. The financial […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Wikipedia co-founder will release a non-expendable piece in honor of the strawberry iMac.• The Wikipedia NFT will be auctioned at Christie’s until December 15th. Wikipedia joins the fever for non-fungible tokens with the statements of its co-founder Jimmy Wales. According to Wales, the free encyclopedia that dominates the internet plans to create […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Cryptocurrency thefts become more frequent every day, alerting the crypto market.• Bitmart lost around 50 cryptos between decentralized currencies and stablecoins. The cryptocurrencies world is becoming more and more insecure due to thefts, hacks in exchanges, and the tokens promotion that be scams. On this occasion, the crypto platform Bitmart was the […]
TL;DR Breakdown • The investigation bureau is after the REvil main members.• The FBI believes that several involved with REvil are in Russia. The federal investigative agency in the United States, or known by its acronym FBI, revealed that it had confiscated over $2.3 Million in cryptos shortly after November. All of that seized money […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Billionaire offers a $500000 reward for his $4m of cryptocurrencies safe.• External cryptocurrencies wallet is stolen with other valuables in a safe. The cryptocurrency market turned gray today amid news of a new crypto heist. A safe with $4m worth of cryptocurrencies was stolen from the house of a billionaire man in […]
TL;DR Breakdown • FBI shows new modus operandi for crypto scams.• Anonymous Crypto ATMs are the perfect instrument for virtual scams, according to the FBI. With the rise in crypto ATM scams, the FBI agency has taken the time to warn enthusiasts about these new fraud systems. According to the North American investigation agency, with […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Metamask and other exchanges used for new crypto scams.• Crypto newbies face a huge wave of crypto-scams with fraudulent ads. The new virtual market is embroiled in many problems, where scams towards crypto newbies stand out. Researchers at Check Point Research recently suggested these cryptocurrency attacks have reached new places on the […]