The President of the Central  Bank of Brazil has announced that the country is currently making plans to launch its CBDC by the start of 2022. Brazil is currently hoping to rival other countries involved in CBDC creation in the future as the President of the Central Bank ,  Roberto Campos Neto affirmed that the […]
Acting Comptroller of Currency, Brian Brooks, in an interview lauded digital assets as the integral part of America’s financial future. Brian Brooks has been an ardent supporter of digital assets even before his appointment, and he has given reasons why he is pushing towards crypto-related payments.  Going further in the interview, Brooks mentions the difficulties […]
In its August review, The International Monetary Fund has lauded Ripple’s payment solutions which has raised the question about Ripple competing with established payment solutions. In the full review, the international outfit said it focused closely on firms using technological initiatives to enhance payment solutions. Given that, it has noted one key player that has […]
One of the leading crypto exchanges, OKEx, has recently announced that it has set up shop in India despite the country facing a tough future for digital assets. With rumors of another Indian crypto ban looming on the horizon, CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao, has said he thinks the conclusion might be otherwise. Talking about […]
A seasoned investment specialist, Raoul Pal, has lauded Bitcoins growth rate as he confirms that the cryptocurrency posted a growth far better than that of G4 central bank balance sheets.  The G4 comprises four central banks which include the Bank of England, Bank of Japan, the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. These banks […]
The latest report on Japan CBDC has informed that the central bank’s senior economist will now head the team overseeing the research of the nation’s planned digital currency. The appointment today shows the extent to which the central bank is pushing to research a feasible digital currency that can meet certain challenges highlighted in its […]
Tomas Holub, a Czech National Bank board member, has said that CBDC is helicopter money. His remarks are different from other central bank spokespersons who are actively looking to experiment with central bank digital currencies. Theoretically, helicopter money is considered harmful as it can stoke unnecessary inflation. The world is warming up to the concept […]
Many central banks have woken to the concept of central bank digital currency (CBDC), probably due to China’s moves to issue one. Today, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) has heightened its approach towards a potential Japan digital currency, although it previously declined to have plans to launch a CBDC. Japan sets up a digital currency […]
The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has entered the third phase of development for its digital Baht project and plans on expanding its use among corporations. According to The Nation Thailand, BOT assistant governor Vachira Arromdee revealed that the bank is already using the CBDC for financial transactions with some big businesses. Digital Baht The bank […]
The Bahamas cryptocurrency project by the country’s central bank is all set to offer protection against a Category 5 hurricane. Sounds strange? Yes, now cryptocurrencies are set to battle it out with actual hurricanes and protect communities from natural disasters. Project Sand Dollar is the nation’s answer to the ongoing global CBDC trend. As per […]