The central bank of the Netherlands, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), wants to become the proving ground for the digital Euro. The bank released a 45-page report saying that it was […]
The central bank of Thailand (BOT) is nearing the complete release of its digital currency. It recently revealed plans to debut the Thailand CBDC prototype payment system. This is coming after the successful completion of its CBDC project dubbed Inthanon. BOT readies Thailand CBDC On Thursday, the bank revealed it is looking to establish a […]
The digital currency craze has caught up with the Netherlands Central Bank (DNB). The bank wants to be part of developing and testing the digitalized Euro. There is a significant […]
Brazil Pier blockchain data tool has been launched by the country’s central bank amid the Coronavirus pandemic. As per the official statement, Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) has spent around […]
According to the latest report, the Central Bank of Russia has claimed that criminals in Russia seldom withdraw stolen cash by using digital currency. Bank of Russia’s deputy director of Information Security Department Artem Sychev stated that additional protective measures had been developed and methods of withdrawing funds are also monitored by the bank. Sychev further noted that it is very uncommon to withdraw stolen money using cryptocurrency in Russia. Though there are times when digital currencies are used to withdraw cash. This practice of withdrawing stolen money in crypto is not much prevalent; for an attacker, it is way
Harvesh Seegolam, governor Bank of Mauritius, has said at a distributed virtual conference that the country would begin its pilot check to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) soon.  He said currently, before Mauritius CBDC, the bank is working on a project and will soon make an announcement as regards a potential CBDC. The […]
The ambitious China CBDC testing schedule is set to begin on a commercial scale. The experiment will cover many industries, sectors, companies, and even government services. Now, the authorities have announced that chosen international brands operating will also be a part of the China CBDC testing process. The list of testing centers for Chinese central […]
As the coronavirus outbreak continues to ravage across the United States, leaving a devastating impact on the global economy by severely damaging the industrial activity of the world’s two most […]
Stablecoin ban might be the next move by the central banks if their recommendations are anything to write home about. The banks are worried that the coins are a threat […]
A Central Bank of Canada CBDC appears to be underway if a job positing for a CBDC project manager is anything to write home about. The financial institution has been working behind the scenes to develop its native central bank digital currency (CBDC). After a job posting for the position of the projects’ manager on […]