Do you want to save money on college, such as by learning how to go to college in Europe? Yes, you can actually save money by going to college in Europe, and today’s article will show you exactly how. The average cost of programs for college abroad in Europe is around $8,000 per year, which […]

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Looking for fall financial tips and money moves to complete before the year is over? The hot summer months are over for many of us, and there are only a few months left in the year. Today, I want to talk about fall money tips, smart money moves, and having a fall financial checklist to […]

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The following is a partnership with SELCO Community Credit Union on the benefits of credit unions, and why I went with a credit union over a bank. All opinions are 100% my own. There are many benefits of credit unions such as lower fees, lower loan rates, and more. Today, you’ll learn about why you […]

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Are you interested in learning how to invest, start retirement planning, and more? Today’s article will allow you to get started with retirement planning and help with each step along the way. Planning for retirement and starting to invest can be a very intimidating topic for the average person, and I completely understand that. However, […]

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Money is so often a taboo subject that it can feel difficult to impart financial lessons to our kids – particularly when they’re very little. How do you teach young children and toddlers about money, while also protecting them from your money stresses? Money management is just like reading (or any other complex skill), in […]

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Hey everyone! Today, I have a great savings story to share from a reader named Nichole. She will be talking about how she went from -$20,000 to a six-figure savings by 26 years old. The following will be outlining my experience getting scammed and how it catapulted me into learning about how money works. I […]

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Do you want to learn how to retire early? Today, I’m sharing the best early retirement books to motivate you and help you start planning for your future. Early retirement is very popular right now, and you may be wondering if it’s possible for you and how to make it happen. If early retirement is […]

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What is estate planning? Over the years, I have received plenty of questions about creating a will and estate planning. After all, anyone over the age of 18 probably needs to have at least some part of an estate plan. Recently, I asked you, my readers, what questions you have about estate planning. Some of […]

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Next up in my Extraordinary Series is Melissa Nance and Wade Smith from The Penny Pinching Globetrotter. They have been traveling full-time for four years and on a low budget of just $1,400 per month. This includes all of their living expenses as well as money spent on travel. In August of 2015, Melissa found out […]

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Are you planning your next camping trip and looking for delicious camping breakfast recipes? Camping can be a very affordable way to travel and visit new and exciting places. And, it’s a fun activity to do with your family, your partner, or even by yourself. While camping is a lot of fun, it can be […]

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