TL;DR Breakdown The global crypto market cap sees another low of $2.43T, a decrease of 7.27% since yesterday. Bitcoin drops dramatically to $53.9k from a high of $58.7k yesterday. Ethereum puts distance between itself and $4.5k again. Binance Coin drops 10.95% in value, sitting at a price of $569.73. Today’s top gainers with the Top […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin price analysis is bullish for today. BTC/USD spiked below $56,000 support. Support was found at $54,000.  Bitcoin price analysis is bullish today as we can see recovery over the last 24 hours after the $54,000 mark was reached. Therefore, BTC/USD has set a new lower low and is ready to retrace some […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin continues its upsurge, raising its value to 1.36% in the last 24 hours. Binance Coin and Ethereum continue their green journey, growing to 3.90% and 8.12%. Tether USD and Solana show negative trending in their prices. The overall market cap of cryptocurrency grows 2.09%. The rise in the crypto market is phenomenal […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin price analysis is bearish today. BTC/USD saw the $56,000 support hold yesterday. Lower high is likely to be set around $59,000. Bitcoin price analysis is bearish today as we expect another lower high to be set around the current price levels after a steady advance over the last 24 hours. BTC/USD should […]
TL;DR Breakdown Global crypto market cap sees a 2.08% increase since yesterday up to $2.63T. Bitcoin finally made a move upwards by 3.17%, closing the gap between itself and $60k. Ethereum sees a price influx of about $4,422, a 3.03% increase since yesterday. Binance Coin sees a 7.80% increase in price up to $636. Top […]
Bitcoin and the other two top coins see a rise after seeing a redness, leading to addition in the total market cap of crypto industry. TL;DR Breakdown Crypto’s global market cap witnesses a rise of 1.25%, reaching 2.60T, thanks to Bitcoin’s rise. Bitcoin finally returns to the competition, surged to 1.59%. Ethereum and Binance Coin […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin price analysis is bearish today. BTC/USD continued to set lower highs. Support at $56,000 is currently tested again. Bitcoin price analysis is bearish today as we expect more downside to follow later today after another lower high was set yesterday. Likely we will see BTC/USD break the $56,000 support, which would mean […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin struggles back up at a snail’s pace, its value rising by 0.35% up to $56,640. Ethereum has pulled itself up to $4,280 in the last twenty-four hours. Zcash (ZEC) records an uprising by 20.40% and Decentraland (MANA) gains 25.45% GYEN makes a stand by raising itself 0.89% in the last twenty-four hours. […]
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin goes through depreciation, and the price falls to the US $56,400 range. The Crypto market sees a positive change; market cap value reaches $2.56 T. Ethereum turns green, sees a 2.89% rise in market value for the last 24 hours. Binance Coin also shows improvement, hikes to 2.98% in the last 24 […]
TL;DR Breakdown Odell Beckham Jr. announces his coming contract to be settled in Bitcoin. Crypto popularity among celebrities seems to be on a high and could be beneficial to mass adoption. According to a Twitter post on 22nd, Odell Beckham will get his next paycheck using Bitcoin from Cashapp. The Los Angeles Rams wide receiver admitted he […]