TL;DR Breakdown • Bitcoin trading has increased 400 percent in Nigeria since 2020.• The Nigerian naira devaluation gives power to decentralized currencies. According to the crypto exchange Bitcoin Paxful, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the second country with the most Bitcoin trading transactions. The United States ranks first in crypto transactions. But Nigeria has […]
TL;DR Breakdown GoldenTree Asset Management is one of the biggest fund manager firms in the city of New York. The organization has earned quite a reputation after holding around $45 billion in its coffers. Bitcoin investment has gathered a lot of attention from the firm as it recently took part in the funding of Borderless […]
TL;DR Breakdown BTC found support above $42,000 yesterday. The previous high around $42,500 retested. Further retracement to follow today. Bitcoin price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow over the next 24 hours as further upside was rejected overnight and bullish momentum has been lost. Therefore, we expect BTC/USD to move lower early next week and […]
TL;DR Breakdown BTC established another higher low overnight. Bitcoin rallied to $42,000 overnight. Market ready for a reversal. Bitcoin price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow over the next 24 hours as a rapid spike higher was seen overnight, and the $42,000 price mark was reached. Therefore, we assume bulls are exhausted as of now, […]
TL;DR Breakdown BTC continued to consolidate yesterday. Retracement to $38,500 seen today. Market ready to make another push higher. Bitcoin price analysis indicates bullish momentum to follow over the next 24 hours as the market retraced to $38,500 and set another slightly high low. Therefore, we expect BTC/USD to attempt another push higher later today […]
TL;DR Breakdown: Bitcoin balance on exchanges has returned to the lowest level in July 2018 amid massive outflows.  Active users on the Bitcoin network have risen by 30 percent to 325k users.  Cryptopolitan recently reported a growing level of accumulation amongst deep-pocketed Bitcoin investors, which was subsequently drying up the Bitcoin balance on exchanges. Today, […]
TL;DR Breakdown BTC moved sideways overnight. Further upside rejected. Bitcoin is set to reverse later this week.   Bitcoin price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow later this week as the $41,000 resistance still holds and further upside got rejected overnight. Therefore, we expect BTC/USD to start retracing over the next 24 hours and try to […]
TL;DR Breakdown BTC retraced to the $36,500 support. Next resistance at $41,000 tested. Market likely to pivot lower again. Bitcoin price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow over the next 24 hours as the previous major swing high of around $41,000 gets tested for the second time over the past days. Therefore, unless a clean […]
TL;DR Breakdown: Over 50% of Bitcoin in circulation has not moved for at least 12 months.  This shows investors are gradually turning strong hands.  Many people in the cryptocurrency space are gradually turning into long-term investors. Especially for Bitcoin (BTC), more than 50 percent of the coins in circulation haven’t been moved since the last […]
TL; DR Breakdown Investor sees Bitcoin at $1 million within a decade BTC market is getting more dynamic The Bitcoin market continues to stoke both bullish and bearish sentiments, although the current outlook suggests that more people are going bullish than bearish. This mix of feelings is understandable considering that BTC hasn’t been very indicative […]