Axie Infinity Price Analysis: AXS/USD to spike to $150 next


TL;DR Breakdown

  • AXS/USD value is now at $142.26.
  • Axie Infinity price analysis is bullish today.
  • Support is sufficient at $121.92.

The price is swiftly increasing, as seen by the one-day and four-hour Axie Infinity price analysis. The bullish momentum appears to be gaining strength, and a sufficient increase in AXS/USD value can already be noticed. In the last 24 hours, the bulls have pushed the value above $142, as massive buying activity is now taking over the cryptocurrency market.

The RSI has hit 69 until now, showing how strong the market currently is. While 30-days SMA is still below the long-term 200-days SMA, it has started to move upwards, which suggests that the uptrend has some chances of continuing.

The buying pressure is gaining more and more ground as we speak, and it will be interesting to see how far this market can go. The overall sentiment in the community appears to be bullish, which is confirmed by the charts.

The one-day Axie Infinity price analysis shows that support is plentiful at around $121.92, which is also the middle Bollinger band. It would appear that there are no significant resistance zones between $142 and $121. Despite this, the cryptocurrency is expected to rise significantly in the coming days, as the one-day chart shows a bullish pattern.

AXS/USD 1-day price analysis: Price grows beyond $142 as bulls fly high

The one-day Axie Infinity price analysis is good news for buyers right now, as the upswing in the trend has dominated the price chart. The value has been steadily rising for the past few days, and today’s rise has continued that pattern. The price has climbed back to its former position of $142.26, owing to recent market volatility and increased demand for cryptocurrencies.

The Bollinger bands are widely spread today, which signifies a high level of volatility and unpredictability. The price is now beyond the recent high at around $150.

Axie Infinity price analysis: Bullish rally enhances coin value up to $142.42

The four hours of analysis for Axie Infinity predicts a strong bull trend, with a remarkable increase in AXS/USD value. More buying activity has occurred in the last few hours, and they have been highly encouraging to buyers. The price is now $142, and further growth is expected in the following few hours. The moving average has risen to a higher position, which shows a swift increase in price. The candlestick chart pattern is also bullish, as the market has been consistently showing signs of growth.

Axie Infinity Price Analysis: AXS/USD to spike to $150 next 1
AXS/USD 4-hours price chart. Source: TradingView

The significant increase in volatility has taken the upper Bollinger band value to $142.01 and has lowered the lower Bollinger band value to $124.6. At the same time, the Bollinger bands average has moved up to $133.302 as well. The RSI curve confirms the upward trend, as the score is now touching 63.91.

Axie Infinity Price Analysis: Conclusion

A strong rise in AXS/USD value has been observed recently, as a bullish wave is taking over the market. The uptrend has continued throughout the day, with the price reaching an excellent level of $142.26. The four-hour Axie Infinity price analysis provides similar outcomes, with an increasing trend continuing for the past four days. However, the values are bound to change in the next few hours should volatility increase. The cryptocurrency is set to rise further if market buying pressure remains high.