Institutional adoption to push Bitcoin price to 400k – Bloomberg analyst


TL;DR Breakdown

  • BTC price to hit 400k
  • BTC vs Gold is comparing digital vs analog

Bloomberg analysts in their recent Bitcoin price prediction have said the price of the number one crypto could surge by over 350 percent to hit $400,000. The analysts in their analysis explain that Bitcoin could be replacing gold more suddenly than gradually.

In Bloomberg monthly report led by senior commodity strategist, Mike McGlone, they outlined that the baseline support for the asset is now at $50,000. The analysts also acknowledge $60,000 as a key resistance level for the coin but believe the resistance won’t be there long anymore especially after breaking through two times and adoption of institutional investors like Morgan Stanley, Visa, Goldman Sachs, Tesla among others.

In Bloomberg’s monthly report, it notes that the entry of large institutional investors would accelerate and underpin the price for the foreseeable future. The report also sights the approval of several Bitcoin ETFs in Canada, Brazil, and other countries would eventually make US regulators act the same way. They describe it as another bullish milestone.

Considering if history were to repeat itself with Bitcoin price, Bloomberg notes that a significant surge is around the corner then. Should the asset indeed mimic even the more modest price surge, its value could approach $400,000, based on the “regression since 2011 high.”

How Bitcoin is replacing gold

The analysts in their report doubled down on the fact that BTC is actually replacing gold calling the precious metal old guard thereby predicting a gradual replacement process. However, they note that replacing the precious metal does not paint a bearish run for it (gold). Going further, Bloomberg described a comparison between BTC and gold as digital vs analog tipping Bitcoin price for a bullish run in the future. JP Morgan agreed with Bloomberg’s point noting that BTC and crypto already have taken a giant share of gold’s market