Firearms, Bitcoin, gold seized from a crime group in Auckland


TL;DR Breakdown:

  • Auckland police seized Bitcoin, gold, firearms, etc., from an alleged crime group.
  • More than 11 persons were arrested and will be charged.

Under a new operation dubbed “Operation Evansville,” the law enforcement agency in Auckland was able to detect and arrest a group of alleged criminals in the region. Aside from the illegal items obtained from this group, the Auckland police also confiscated more than $1 million worth of gold, Bitcoin, and cash during the operation. The New Zealand news outlet, Stuff reported the development on Wednesday.

$1M Bitcoin, gold, seized during Police raid

The Auckland police conducted over 21 search warrants under Operation Evansville, leading up to the detention of 11 people who are allegedly part of an organized crime group. As reported, the Auckland police confiscated illegal substances from them, including a dozen firearms and hard drugs. They also seized luxurious cars and over $1 million in Bitcoin, gold, and cash. The police also uncovered two clandestine (clan) labs during the raid.

As explained by Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe, the field crime manager for Auckland City District, these crime groups live “lavish lifestyles with cash and flash cars.” However, they smuggle hard drugs into the community, which is devastating for the lives of people and the community. So, Operation Evansville was launched to specifically fish-out individuals who are associated with organized crime groups.

Meanwhile, the 11 persons arrested will face charges not illegal possession of guns, robbery, possession of methamphetamine, including money laundering.

Auckland man faces 30 charges for money laundering

Last year, an Auckland man was charged for partaking in money laundering. As Cryptopolitan reported, the 40-year-old laundered more than $2 million in cryptocurrencies, which were used to purchase luxurious items, including cars and an East Auckland property worth over $1.7 million. He was expected to face 30 charges for the act.