Trust is crucial in any financial system. While Cryptocurrency is taking the world to the moon, it is very easy for some of the fake crypto exchanges to make a fool of beginners as well as experienced users all around the globe. Opting for an exchange system that is not secure and dodgy is becoming […]
TL;DR Breakdown UK residents can now earn free BTC by buying pizza The history between BTC and Pizzas Papa John, a leading American Pizza franchise, has announced a new offer for customers in the United Kingdom on how they can receive $14 in Bitcoin for free when they buy pizza. The firm announced that customers […]
The most suitable crypto exchanges are ranked based  on usability, trading fees, security, and liquidity. Whereas, most people are more focused on liquidity and trading fees. Choosing the best trading fees model The only way you will make an informed choice for a  proper exchange is by understanding your individual trading needs. Additionally, you will […]
Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and that is largely in part due to the newness of the technology. The inherent complexity of these currencies is deeply ingrained within the blockchain code; within cryptography. When Satoshi Nakamoto embarked on building the Bitcoin blockchain, he had 31,000 lines of code.  A simple announcement on the internet welcomed more people […]
Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen figured out a way to help people understand why crypto is essential. There are plenty of benefits of crypto, but not many use crypto than the number of people fiat currencies mainly because people don’t know the value of crypto. If we compare the number of businesses that use crypto over […]
TL;DR Breakdown Google search for Doge surpasses search for BTC Reasons behind surge in search for Doge Despite its recent price drop, Dogecoin, the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap, has surpassed Bitcoin as the most searched cryptocurrency globally. According to data from Google Trends, for the first time ever, public interest has shifted […]
TL;DR Breakdown Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks down on crypto Arnold and Warren Buffet aligning philosophy on crypto Hollywood movie star and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken down on cryptocurrencies or crypto investment. During a recent interview with New York Times, the Terminator actor held that he didn’t own bitcoin, dogecoin, or any other […]
For a long time, people who know little about crypto have  seen it as an illicit and dark entity. It is a fact that crypto is being used for illicit activities too, but it is also a fact that fiat currencies are much more involved in the same. To remove the fear of crypto and […]
Cryptocurrency adoption is at an all-time high thanks in part to the emergence of new digital ecosystems and radical Fintech innovation. Today, more financial institutions are participating in crypto-asset markets, and the average trading volumes on some of the major exchanges are hitting daily records.   One of the main infrastructures trying to speed up crypto […]
Blockchain is a relatively new technology; however, it has proven useful across several industries, including gaming, finance, education, and many others. Decentralization is one important benefit derived from this technology. Especially in finance, the application of blockchain enables a trustless environment where people can transact directly without any need for a third party.  The application […]