Erik Finman, the youngster bitcoin millionaire recently declared that crypto adopters are going to get insanely wealthy in the next ten years. Erik Finman who became a Bitcoin millionaire before the age of 18 furthermore suggested that these fortunes are more likely to come from investing in the WHEN token. He holds the opinion that the WHEN token is the next goldmine in crypto. For those who are not really familiar with the WHEN token, it is a crypto whose brain child is WhenHub, an organization founded by Scott Adams. Scott Adams is also the creator of Dilbert, the popular
The sheer number of tweets regarding Ripple have plagued the social media platform for quite a while now. The tweets were mostly referring to the implementation of XRP in the world’s largest banks across numerous countries. One such bank was supposed to be Siam Bank in Thailand, but they denied their participation in the blockchain system and mentioned that such a feature was never in development. This came in as a big surprise to the XRP community, simply because the bank had already teased its involvement with XRP in the future, through a tweet they published on January 5th. Some
The digital currencies are getting popular day by day. Many different sectors are using this technology to make advancements. One can say that that the ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are shaping our lives. Blockchain is not controlled by one server and is decentralized; therefore, there is greater security and not bound by any government regulations. Cryptocurrency is a modernized digital currency and strengthens blockchain. They ensure fast and easy transactions and are not guided by financial organizations. ICO is a type of funding, here the crypto tokens are released by the companies, and the investors buy them. These three (Blockchain,
The survival in the crypto-market is not easy, and only the companies that show resilience can survive. As there is a lot of volatility in this market and fewer regulations; therefore, the companies can suffer from security breaches and scams. Any company that faces such scenarios effectively will survive in this setting for a longer time. There are many examples of the companies recovered from huge losses and stabilized their position in the competitive market trends. The recovery of Binance from a security breach that cost loss of seven thousand bitcoins (7,000BTC) is a well-known example and now the BitFinex
The German paper reported that the EOS has introduced a new social media platform against Twitter. Well, there is no authenticity or evidence in the news so far. However, Handelsblatt affirmed that the new platform is backed by the EOS blockchain company. The crucial personalities that are Peter Thiel supposed to back Block.One and the German investor Christian Angermayer were reluctant to talk about this matter openly. It was exposed by Handelsblatt that all the users of the new platform will get benefit in the form of incentives. The new platform offer features similar to that of Facebook and Instagram
Coin Jazeera wants to drive the crypto industry forward by dividing it. The industry is turning scandalous every passing day. Headlines like the building of cocaine moonbase by John McAfee to escape IRS, presentation of the Guinness world record for majority crypto exit dodges, etc. by coin Jazeera which has accumulated about hundred thousand views in a period of one month. Jazeera is gaining enthusiasm with commendations from crypto frontmen like WhalePanda and Tone Vays. Apparently, the game of Jazeera has just started. The creators of Coin Jazeera recently gave an interview with a condition to uphold their identities and
Buying match tickets and football club merchandise has just become accessible for a lot of crypto enthusiast football fans. A large Football club, by the name of Benfica, has started accepting payment in cryptocurrency, more specifically, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is a major leap for cryptos once again, despite the fact that they’ve already operated in the sports industry for a while now. But, with a large entity like Benfica, it’s nothing but official confirmation about crypto’s relevance across the world. The last time we saw cryptos mentioned by the sports industry, was when World Cup Russia announced its acceptance
Satoshi Nakamoto – the name of an unknown person who developed the Bitcoin, and his identity is still a mystery. Craig Wright has publicly proclaimed for the first time to be the real man behind the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” however, various people opposed this claim. Recently, at Al and Blockchain Summit in Malta, the EOS Co-founder Brock Pierce said that he believed in the story of how the name Satoshi Nakamoto was established. So basically, he affirmed the story which Craig Wright believed originally. Pierce revealed that this name has been taken from the name of Japanese philosopher and the
As we reported yesterday, the TRON CEO was able to score a lunch meeting with the billionaire Warren Buffet which will be taking place quite soon. However, Justin Sun did not want to go alone, as he is planning to pitch the idea of blockchain to Buffet, despite his harsh remarks in the past. He was hoping to tag along with six industry leaders and hopefully change the billionaire’s mind. One of those industry leaders was supposed to be Changpeng Zhao, but unfortunately, he has kindly declined the offer. Why did Zhao decline? According to CZ’s tweet, it was too
According to the latest report, a capital management company and crypto exchange Panxora has revealed a new algorithm for trading which is way better than any savviest trader human being. Reportedly, approximately one hundred and twenty percent of returns have been generated by the algorithm over a course f twenty-one months. By far this is the highest digital hedge funds which experienced a sixty-three percent of the median loss, mainly caused by the last year’s market downturn. According to Panxora, their new model has the capability to beat the traditional market, as well. The returns of an investment in relation