Forward Protocol, the blockchain-based learning solution has reached the liquidity application stage on Bancor. As per reports, the Forward Token (FORWARD) is all set to go live as the whitelisting process has shown no vulnerabilities or any systemic/security concerns. FORWARD powers multiple functions and features on the platform allowing members to make the most out […]
People work hard for money and naturally, they want to be able to spend that money. With the spread of cryptocurrencies it has become easier to transact with them. More and more merchants have started to accept them. Cross-border transactions are also cheaper when executed with cryptocurrencies. Yet, they are far from being mass-adopted, the […]
Horizon Protocol is 100 percent community-driven; hence the platform’s native token HZN will exist based on community mining, staking, rewards, grants, bounties, and partnerships.  Once the decentralized autonomous organization-based (DAO) governance is launched, HZN stakers will be responsible for managing critical parts of the protocol, including but not limited to: l Collateralization ratio of zAssets […]
Modern-day businesses are constantly looking to incorporate new and more innovative techniques in their operations and practices. This constant search for innovation keeps them relevant and in competition with the giants of their respective industries. Next Earth provides a multi-pronged solution for businesses offering features like DeFi, NFTs, and DAO to assist them in their […]
TL;DR Breakdown Hospitality company breaks in blockchain space with partnership with Bitcoin latinum Crypto continues to get broader acceptance across industries Bitcoin Latinum, the next-generation insured Bitcoin fork capable of massive transaction volume has announced partnership with Los Angeles-based luxury hospitality company, The h.wood Group. The partnership involves cross-promotional marketing initiatives, event sponsorships, endorsements, and […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Venmo will let users transfer their TDC dollars to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.• The credit card rewards system will be launched in the UK. The mobile payment system Venmo announces will allow clients to exchange TDC dollars for cryptocurrencies. Each user will have the freedom to spend their fiat currency […]
Quite a few people have heard about Jax.Network and what it holds in store for them. Therefore, before we explore how Jax.Network is useful in daily life, let us first understand what Jax.Network is.  What is Jax.Network? Jax.Network is a blockchain-based system designed to offer excellent solutions for fintech. Its unique design helps to generate […]
The world of crypto and crypto-based projects appears to be in a constant state of flux. Ideas become trends, some of which evolve into yet newer concepts. Conversely, many are still-born and never get the momentum needed to get off the ground. Likewise, buzzwords associated with a la mode projects fill the airwaves, with many […]
Financial intermediation can be classified as Real Economy (as opposed to Financial Economy) if it is directly linked to a Real Economy Asset or Activity. This means that the intermediation is aimed at directly supporting the production of goods and services instead of focusing primarily on buying and selling in the financial markets.   Through Horizon […]
Horizon Protocol was built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a way of benefiting from the blockchain’s scalability, cross-chain functionality and its ability to ease network congestion. As a result, the protocol would work effortlessly in deploying speedy and less costly transactions across synthetic cryptocurrency assets. Horizon Protocol supports the trading of […]