NBA Top Shot, the officially licensed collectibles game based on Blockchain, has been opened to the public in Beta, following a recent announcement. Launched by Dapper Labs, the basketball game is powered by digital collectibles which can either be traded, purchased, or sold for a cash equivalent. The blockchain development company said it recorded encouraging […]
A United States judge has ruled against the Kik ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which was conducted in 2017, stating that it violated the US security laws. In his judgement, the US Judge, Alvin Kellerstein said the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) were in their rights to push for a sanction on the Kik ICO. […]
An announcement on Wednesday informed that MakerDAO has enabled support for Chainlink (LINK) and two other tokens to be used on the protocol as collateral options. This reportedly brings the number of tokens supported on Maker Vault this year to more than ten. Meanwhile, rather than expressing excitement, many Chainlink users have criticized the token […]
Bitfinex exchange has stepped up its support for the Uniswap token (UNI) to now include margin trading. This follows the recent listing of the DeFi token on the exchange a few days ago. Following the margin trading support, cryptocurrency traders can choose to increase their leverage with borrowed funds.  Notably, the Uniswap token is one […]
The Sindh High Court in Pakistan has urged the State Bank of Pakistan to lift the crypto ban around the country. In the petition, the Head of the Bench, Justice Iqbal Kalhoro questioned the crypto ban and why the premier bank restricted people from using digital assets since 2018. In his argument, he said things […]
Columbian government has announced a pilot program that would allow companies to carry out crypto transactions with reduced regulatory oversights. Columbia has further made a massive move in its quest to use blockchain technology to check crypto transactions after inviting companies to try out the program. According to the authorities, the trial is currently open […]
The anti-terrorist group in France has arrested a group of persons who were reportedly involved in a digital currency scheme aimed at promoting the activities of terrorists. Perhaps, this stands as another evidence that many terrorist groups are increasingly funded with digital currencies, in order to avoid being intercepted by the government and other enforcement […]
Authorities in Venezuela are reportedly considering the possibility of using several digital currencies to facilitate both local and international trades. The country has since found it challenging to freely participate in international markets following the United States sanctions. To boycott the use of the US dollar, the country initially created a national digital currency dubbed […]
Litecoin price currently $45.44 at time of writing Litecoin price movement over the last 24 hours seems steadily bullish Litecoin price 1-hour chart depicts indications of future bullish momentum Prices predicted to find support towards $67 If support is found beyond $50 – $67 may be achieved by November Litecoin price prediction: today’s price overview […]
Chiliz (CHZ) will be moved to Coinbase Custody soon. CHZ is an exclusive digital currency powering the platform. By moving to Coinbase, the tokens circulating supply will not change. Alex Dreyfus, the CEO of Chiliz and platform, has disclosed that a significant portion of Chiliz (CHZ) token will soon be held in Coinbase […]