TL;DR Breakdown BTC reached the $48,000 mark overnight. BTC/USD retraced overnight. Bitcoin aims to set another higher low. Bitcoin price analysis is bullish for today as retracement was seen overnight, and another higher low currently gets established. Therefore, we expect BTC/USD to rally higher today and continue its way higher. The cryptocurrency market traded with […]
TL;DR Breakdown DOGE moved away from $0.29 resistance overnight. Dogecoin reached $0.31 overnight. DOGE/USD set to retrace today. Dogecoin price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow later today as a new high was set around $0.31 and rejection for further upside was seen over the past hours. Therefore, we expect DOGE/USD to retrace today and […]
TL;DR Breakdown ETH set a slightly higher high yesterday. ETH/USD retraced overnight. Ethereum prepares to rally again. Ethereum price analysis is bullish for today as the market retraced overnight and currently looks to set another higher low. Once a higher low is set, we expect ETH/USD to continue moving higher along with the overall trend. […]
TL;DR Breakdown LTC moved above $180 yesterday. The market traded around the resistance overnight. Litecoin is set to retrace today. Litecoin price analysis is bearish for today as the market reached above $180 yesterday and could not push any higher. Therefore, we expect LTC/USD to retrace later today and try to retest the $170 mark […]
TL;DR Breakdown XRP continued to rally yesterday. $1.10 resistance breached overnight. XRP/USD set for a retracement. Ripple price analysis is bearish for the next 24 hours as rejection for further upside was seen overnight after a brief spike above the $1.30 resistance level. Therefore, we expect XRP/USD to reclaim some of the gain seen over […]
TL;DR Breakdown ADA continued to rally yesterday. New swing high set around $2.25. Cardano is set to retest the $2 mark as support. Cardano price analysis is bearish for today as the market started to retrace overnight after establishing a new swing high around $2.25 yesterday. Therefore, we expect ADA/USD to retrace further later today […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Care will launch a pilot plan for cryptocurrency vouchers in Kenya and Ecuador.• The cryptocurrency adoption is increasing, and this has boosted the BTC price to over $46000. CARE, a global charity, plans to create cryptocurrency vouchers for helpless people in Africa and Latin America. These vouchers can be used for services […]
TL;DR Breakdown Price levels of Chainlink falling rapidly according to today’s chart. Chainlink is stuck at a resistance of $26.77. Support is for Chainlink is at $24.4 currently. The latest Chainlink price analysis is going towards a bearish direction, with a resistance of $26.773. The bears are ruling the market at the time of writing […]
TL;DR Breakdown Litecoin price is expected to rise to $184 The closest support level is at $179 Litecoin price is facing resistance at the $185 Litecoin price has finally gone past the $160 mark and strong bullish momentum has carried the price to challenge the $182 mark. Litecoin price records an over 22 percent price […]
TL;DR Breakdown Polkadot price is expected to break past $23 to the $24.00 mark The closest support level lies at the $22 mark DOT faces resistance at the $23 mark The Polkadot price found strong support at the $21.440 price level yesterday, which enabled the buyers to gather momentum to break past the $22.00 resistance […]