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TL;DR Breakdown BTC moves to retest the $50,000 mark. $47,000 support retested overnight. Next support at $45,000. Today’s Bitcoin price prediction is bearish as the market failed to move above the $50,000 mark and currently has reversed to retest the $47,000 support for the third time. If the support breaks, we should see further downside […]
TL;DR Breakdown ETH finds support at $3,600 overnight. Resistance was found at $3,775. Next support at $3,400. Today’s Ethereum price prediction is bearish as the market starts to move lower once again after briefly moving above the $3,800 mark. The overall market trades with mixed results as Bitcoin trades around $49,000 with a 0.5 percent […]
TL;DR Breakdown Cardano price is expected to observe sideways movement at the current price level ADA faces resistance at the $2.450 mark The closest support level lies at $2.20 After climbing above the $2.4 mark, Cardano price faced strong resistance at the $2.45 mark, which caused the price to stop at the level. The price […]
TL;DR Breakdown • NANO almost doubles in value in half a day.• Musk causes Bitcoin to crash by delinking crypto payments for Tesla. Following Elon Musk’s tweet about Bitcoin and its problems with the environment, Bitcoin suddenly fell along with other cryptocurrencies. Although the highest value cryptocurrency lost value, other digital currencies skyrocketed in price. […]
TL;DR Breakdown BTC retraces 6 percent overnight. BTC/USD finds support around $48,000. The closest resistance still at $51,500. Today’s Bitcoin price prediction is bullish as the market rejected further downside earlier today after retracing overnight. Therefore, we expect bulls to push Bitcoin higher over the next 24 hours in an attempt to break the $51,500 […]
TL;DR Breakdown ETH Retests resistance around $4,200. Support found around $3,800. Next upside target at the $4,400 mark. Today’s Ethereum price prediction is bullish as the market retraced overnight and established support around the $3,800 mark. Since further downside was rejected earlier today, we expect Ethereum to reverse and start moving towards the $4,400 mark […]
The Crypto market is a very volatile market to enter. Many traders can experience significant losses if they forget to keep a close eye on their investments. Traders choose to use mobile platforms to combat the volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Mobile trading platforms allow traders to check their digital assets without needing a computer.  […]
TL;DR Breakdown Cardano moves sideways over the last 24 hours. ADA finds support at $1.80. Closest resistance at the $1.955 mark. Today’s Cardano price prediction is bullish as the market has established a base from which to move higher over the weekend after retesting the $1.80 previous resistance as support.  The overall market trades in […]
TL;DR Breakdown • Musk to work with Dogecoin to improve transactions.• Motley Fool does not add Dogecoin to the top 10 cryptocurrencies. As if Elon Musk’s talk about DogeCoin on SNL wasn’t enough, Coinbase says it will list the cryptocurrency on its platform this week. This platform has the largest cryptocurrency exchange system in the […]
TL;DR Breakdown Polkadot gains 30 percent over the past few days. DOT breaks $42 resistance. Next target at $46 mark. Today’s Polkadot price prediction is bullish as the market continues moving higher after breaking the $42 resistance. If the next resistance at $46 is not broken, we should see retracement overnight. The overall market trades […]