Authorities in Vietnam are looking to establish a crypto research group to better govern developments on digital currencies and related assets in the country. An English language local news outlet, Vietnam Plus, reported on Monday.  Top agencies collab to form the crypto research group  The Vietnam crypto research group will be led by Pham Hong Son, […]
Just a day after Uniswap released its governance token UNI, fake Uniswap giveaways have emerged on the internet attempting to loot unsuspecting investors. Fake cryptocurrency giveaways rear their ugly heads from time to time again across popular websites such as YouTube. Surprisingly, each time at least a few people fall victim to this classic scam. […]
TL;DR Breakdown: President Donald Trump is reportedly considering granting Silk Road founder a pardon before he leaves office. Ulbricht was sentenced to double life imprisonment in 2015, for charges that include money laundering. The notorious founder of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, is getting clear hopes of a second chance to live, as the president of […]
TL:DR Breakdown: Police in NZ seized over $21 million in cryptocurrency from Hamilton men for selling copyright-protected movies. Some portion of the proceeds kept in his brother’s account (about $2 million) was also seized by the authorities. Law enforcement officers are still actively cracking down on copyright violators. Today, a man from Hamilton, New Zealand […]
Scammers put out another fake 50,000 ETH Ethereum giveaway on Youtube. Unsuspecting participants were asked to first contribute their coins to receive back double. Crypto scammers haven’t backed out from running fake giveaways, especially on Youtube. There has been an increase in the number of fake Youtube digital currency giveaways in recent months, all of […]
TL;DR Breakdown: An Indian lecturer has been scammed by someone who offered to manage his account. Almost $14,000 is feared to be lost forever. The global cryptocurrency market has unarguably seen massive interest and a huge number of new investors since the past year. However, the growing adoption of cryptocurrency continues to attract scammers looking […]
TLDR Breakdown Bitcoin price prediction expects a pullback after all-time high. Bitcoin is hovering above $19000 despite pullbacks below the mark. Bitcoin price all-time high expected above $20,000. The king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin is now trading above the $19000 mark and given the $4860 low in March 2020 the current high is one of the […]
TL;DR Breakdown Ripple price prediction expects a drop to $0.20 range. Current resistance is found at the $0.29 mark. Current support is found at the $0.28 mark. Ripple has been trading in the $0.27 to $0.31 range for a few days now. The cryptocurrency has found stability in this range even though the daily price […]
TL;DR Breakdown Litecoin price prediction expects a rise to Strong resistance is currently found at the $195 mark. Strong support is currently found at the $162 mark. As the cryptocurrencies picked up the pace during the start of the month, Litecoin lagged a bit as it faced strong resistance at 160. However, Litecoin has successfully […]
Prominent Risk Management platform TRM Labs has appointed former Treasury Official Ari Redbord to a critical role. Former Treasury official Redboard, well known for his work on the Treasury’s FinCEN taskforce, will now represent TRM as its head of government and legal affairs. This appointment is the latest move by the Federal government in their […]