The Indian government will discuss a bill to ban crypto in India during the ongoing parliament session. As the lawmakers gather together for the monsoon session of the parliament, the country faces various issues such as GDP downturn, a surge in Coronavirus cases, and border disputes with China. Amid such an important session, crypto does […]
The House of Representatives is set to deliberate on the passage of a bill that will make crypto mining in Kazakhstan become a legal business. This is amidst the country being seen in the spotlight as a new hub for crypto mining. An emerging hub for crypto mining in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is seen as an […]
Indian crypto companies are still optimistic about a bright future. However, the sector was stirred to the depths when rumors started making rounds again last week that a government bill to prohibit Indian users from owning any form of crypto would come into effect soon. India’s crypto scene was finally seeing some action this year […]
TL;DR Breakdown: Indian crypto exchanges saw massive growth in users after Bitcoin’s ATH. The exchange said Bitcoin’s ATH was mostly influenced by institutional buys. Digital currencies are gradually going mainstream in India since the country’s Supreme Court revoked the blanket ban imposed on cryptos by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The recent parabolic rise […]
TL;DR Breakdown: Indian exchange, WazirX has launched an NFT marketplace. The platform is designed to enable Indian artists and creators to easily participate in the growing NFT market. The Binance-owned Indian cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX, has joined the list of companies looking to extend the growth of the non-fungible token (NFT) market. A report on Monday […]
Two Indian nationals, Ramesh Reddy and his friend Prabakaran are now in police custody. The duo was arrested for overreacting, to the extent of threatening and extortion, because of a failed Bitcoin deal. A local news outlet, New Indian Express, reported the incident on Thursday.  Fake Bitcoin deals  As the local police narrated in the […]
TL;DR Breakdown India crypto adoption surge by 30 percent Crypto future in India uncertain Crypto sporadic upsurge in 2021 has seen Bitcoin price surge by over 400 percent this year. This has played hugely in India crypto adoption rise, which has moved up by 30 percent since March 2020 till now. Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), […]
Amidst the chaos caused by the Coronavirus, it appears that the investors are now turning to crypto India for some breather. Recently an India-based cryptocurrency exchange has reportedly raised $3 […]
Indian exchange, CoinDCX, is preparing to enable Ethereum 2.0 staking for small investors. So far, 52,961 ETH has been staked on the Ethereum network since the deposit contract launch. On November 4, Ethereum core developers announced the deployment of the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity) deposit contract, which is expected to lead up to the launching […]
A recent study into blockchain activities has revealed that India sits second place in the number of blockchain wallet transactions. According to the survey, it showed the activities of blockchain wallet transactions increased drastically in July. The survey said that major digital assets also overpowered traditional assets in the financial market during the same period. […]