Amidst the chaos caused by the Coronavirus, it appears that the investors are now turning to crypto India for some breather. Recently an India-based cryptocurrency exchange has reportedly raised $3 […]
BitGo, a cryptocurrency company based in the United States, will support CoinDCX, one of the top Indian digital currency exchanges with its crypto custody service, according to a report Thursday. This is coming in time where CoinDCX and other exchanges in the country are seeing more user activities. BitGo to protect CoinDCX’s assets The custodian […]
Indian crypto companies are still optimistic about a bright future. However, the sector was stirred to the depths when rumors started making rounds again last week that a government bill to prohibit Indian users from owning any form of crypto would come into effect soon. India’s crypto scene was finally seeing some action this year […]
Digital currency exchange in India dubbed ‘Pluto’ has allegedly pulled an exit scam on its investors. Pluto exchange had promised the customers of high returns, which perhaps attracted them to deposit their money in the platform. At the moment, the Indian police have begun investigating the matter. Fake investment schemes have been acting as bugs […]
A recent update from the Binance-owned Indian cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX, informed that Tezos staking has been enabled for its cryptocurrency traders and investors, who are mostly Indians. The staking service provides yet another opportunity for cryptocurrency users on the exchange to put their holdings to work in turn for more profits. WazirX debuts Tezos staking […]
Crypto ban in India after being lifted by the country’s apex court appears to be underway again according to local sources. Reportedly, the Indian government are working towards putting a new law in place that would ensure crypto ban in India. An anonymous government official who made this reveal claimed that two ministries alongside the […]
A recent study into blockchain activities has revealed that India sits second place in the number of blockchain wallet transactions. According to the survey, it showed the activities of blockchain wallet transactions increased drastically in July. The survey said that major digital assets also overpowered traditional assets in the financial market during the same period. […]
Indian exchange, CoinDCX, is preparing to enable Ethereum 2.0 staking for small investors. So far, 52,961 ETH has been staked on the Ethereum network since the deposit contract launch. On November 4, Ethereum core developers announced the deployment of the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity) deposit contract, which is expected to lead up to the launching […]
Bad actors are taking advantage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to ship-in drugs and other illegal items from dark marketplaces. However, law enforcement agencies are not getting weary either, in apprehending these people. In the case today, an Indian youth was caught after buying drugs with Bitcoin. 24yo Indian arrested after buying drugs with Bitcoin  […]
Law enforcement agencies in India have discovered that most drug dealers have shifted to crypto payments as a method for buying hard drugs into the country, from across the border. Due to the anonymity with digital currencies, it is almost difficult for the agencies to trace the people behind the transactions. Crypto exchanges in India […]