TL;DR Breakdown ETH will always fall behind BTC, Mr. Wanderful insists When Wanderful was a crypto skeptic Canadian TV personality Kevin O’Leary popularly called Mr. Wanderful has said that Ethereum will always be number two and come behind Bitcoin no matter what. Mr. Wanderful described BTC as gold saying Ethereum will forever remain silver. The […]
What is Bitcoin? Just like fiat money, Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to facilitate payments and hold value. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is decentralized and encourages peer-to-peer systems of transactions. Bitcoin is more simply referred to as BTC. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency and is hosted on the […]
TL;DR Breakdown 4/20, new Doge day Video of how Snoop Dogg celebrated Doge day Popular musician Snoop Dogg has been one of the most influential public figures behind the meme coin, Dogecoin. The music star did not fail to show his support for the coin on Tuesday, 4/20; a day set aside by Doge proponent […]
TL;DR Breakdown: WeWork is now accepting Bitcoin payments for its services.  The company also plans to pay its partners in cryptocurrency through Coinbase.  WeWork, a leading office sharing services provider, now accepts payments in Bitcoin and other select digital currencies for its services, according to a Wednesday report by Evening Standard. The company partnered with […]
TL;DR Breakdown Petition for Amazon to begin receiving doge payment gaining traction Amazon working on its crypto project Amazon, a global online store belonging to the world’s richest best man, Jeff Bezos, is currently being persuaded to accept payment for goods and services in Dogecoin. This is according to a petition which has been signed […]
TL;DR Breakdown Diem to launch this year What next after Diem Pilot launch? After shelving plans to further the Libra project, Facebook Diem, the substitute of the Libra, is set to launch before the end of the year, according to CNBC. Libra, which was aimed at changing the face of fintech and digital payment, was […]
TL;DR Breakdown: Binance.US has appointed former OCC chief Brian Brooks as CEO. Brooks will assume his role from May 1, helping to expand Binance.US services while also remaining compliant with regulators. The former United States banking regulator, Brian Brooks, is returning to the cryptocurrency space following a new appointment with Binance.US, the US-based arm of […]
TL;DR Breakdown: Mobile payment app, Venmo now supports buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). The app will only support Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash for a start.  Venmo has become the latest mobile payment platform to announce support for emerging crypto-assets. The company announced Tuesday it would enable customers to purchase, sell, and […]
TL;DR Breakdown: Crypto exchange OKEx now supports Bitcoin Lightning Network. The scaling solution will reduce cost and confirmation time for BTC transactions on the exchange. Leading Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx now adds to the list of exchanges that supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The integration of the Lightning Network was completed today, following the announcement […]
TL;DR Breakdown Cryptocurrency market hit by weekend massive sell-off Rumors that inspired sell-off by crypto hodlers The crypto market over the weekend has endured a rather shocking setback after prices of Bitcoin and other altcoin plunged in hours. This follows an entire week of extreme bullish activity in the market, only for the bull run […]