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As Bitcoin’s halving event approaches, the markets are witnessing another bitcoin rally with the price rising to over 9,000 dollars. On Thursday morning, the asset’s price was 20 percent up […]
Cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer Bitmain’s revenue in the first four months of 2020 surpasses 300 million dollars despite various setbacks. The Chinese giant saw such high earnings despite the COVID-19 pandemic […]
Leading Chinese DeFi protocol dForce fell victim to a hack and nearly 25 million dollars. The dForce hack caused the protocol to lose nearly 99.95 percent of all locked funds […]
According to a recent analysis conducted by Glassnode Insights Bitcoin is becoming hugely popular with retail investors amid global economic uncertainties and concerns over the imminent recession.  To invest or […]
Recent data by blockchain analytics firm Glassnode, revealed an increase in Bitcoin adoption as the number of both small-scale and large-scale investors break records. Glassnode revealed that the number of addresses holding 0.1 BTC set a new all-time high with more than three million wallets holding at least 940 dollars in BTC. The firm also […]
The Bitcoin community has removed 200 million dollars worth of BTC from exchanges the first day after the asset’s halving. Following the network’s third halving users removed 23,540 BTC from online exchanges. The move highlights the community’s increased confidence in the asset. The move also continues the trend of Bitcoin investors moving their coins into […]
The number of Bitcoin held across centralized cryptocurrency exchanges had decreased by more than 10 percent since the asset’s price crash in March.  Data collected by Glassnode shows that Bitcoin has been moving away from centralized changes since mid-March. The movement away from the exchanges began after the huge market crash in mid-March that saw […]
There has been a crypto futures shakeup almost two months later, after bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry collapsed on March 12. After the famed ‘black-Thursday, derivatives exchange platform, BitMEX […]
A Bitcoin whale moved more than 15,000 BTC from one of the richest wallet addresses on the blockchain. Last night a Bitcoin address moved 15,022 BTC to three separate wallets. The sum worth $156,599,226 at the time only cost a transaction fee of 91 cents. Bitcoin whale on the move Out of the 15,022 BTC, 14,442 […]
Binance-backed crypto payments app Bundle has launched its service in Nigeria as the race for African crypto domination heats up. Bundle has launched its service in Nigeria after incubation by […]