CasperLabs has been working to improve the scalability of the Ethereum network before the launch of Ethereum 2.0. the startup has raised more than fourteen million dollars ($14.5) in Series A funding. The round was led by Terren Peizer more commonly known as the “Zelig of Wall Street.” Terren Peizer invested through his personal holding company known as Acuitas Group Holdings. Terren claims to be interested in cryptocurrencies since day one and has been waiting for an opportunity to invest. Apparently he was looking for a company that could enhance the speed of a network by utilizing decentralized ledgers. He
Jack Dorsey, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter and Square confirmed that a Twitter cryptocurrency is not under consideration, given the fact that Dorsey likes the idea of Bitcoin usage. Jack happens to be certain about Bitcoin becoming the conventional currency for the internet, as revealed on September 5, by an Australian news outlet. Referring to the controlled and restricted standards of conventional banking, he expressed that unrestricted internet standards as opposed to conventional controlled banking standards. Twitter cryptocurrency in the economy of the World The Twitter CEO appeared for the launch of Square Terminal, which is a cordless
Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David Schwartz stated that the company would have to disappoint users who want it to stop from XRP dumping. Responding to a Twitter post that asked Ripple to stay away from the XRP ecosystem David Schwartz stated that Ripple would have to “massively disappoint” such users. Ripple Labs is the parent company behind XRP and has more than half of the crypto’s total supply of tokens. Previously, Ripple has been accused of harming XRP’s ecosystem to boost the company’s quarterly sales. This was evident as the company’s quarterly earnings continued to rise while the token’s
Celsius, the company offering CEL tokens, has deposited around $1 billion with BitGo as deposits. The 2017’s initial coin offering (ICO) craze was the big boom that the industry needed after years of obscurity. However, it was also mired in many controversies since many scams were involved, and most didn’t deliver any useful product. Nonetheless, not everything went down the drain! Celsius, a NY based startup that racked up more than fifty million dollars ($50) in May 2018 is showing positive signs of growth. The project involved the sale of CEL tokens which borrowers can earn as their interest payments.
Facebook Libra and Calibra wallet that goes with it have undoubtedly faced more opposition and controversy than any other stable coin and that too before it is even launched.  From the United States government to international banking organizations and the G-7 countries have mostly been critical of the stable coin being launched by Facebook Inc, albeit in collaboration with ninety-nine other investors. Facebook Libra and Calibra connection For those still unaware Facebook Libra and Calibra are both parts of the same project. Where Libra is the blockchain that would gear the Libra stablecoin Calibra would be the wallet that would
Facebook Libra has faced heavy opposition right from the beginning. It is no surprise that Libra market sentiment is recorded to be a forty-eight percent (48%) negative in a Cindicator report released this week. Facebook Libra market sentiment has been in a sway right from the beginning. Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Facebook is trying to manipulate the cryptocurrency sphere and general users by presenting what is actually a stable coin as a cryptocurrency. While other reasons include mistrust on the Facebook administration gave the privacy breach incidents in the past, and the non-apology apology Mark Zuckerburg had to offer
Binance Coin has been in a turmoil because of the seven thousand (7000) Bitcoins heist that the hackers robbed off of the cryptocurrency exchange. The sum was equal to forty million dollars ($40M) in fiat- a big catch from one of the main exchanges. Binance Coin has not been giving an ear to the talk that has almost died out and has even climbed the 2019 high at thirty-nine dollars ($39.59) after the massive pullout from the Binance cache. It has been four months, and the coin is doing pretty well as if it has almost recovered from the losses.
After the 2017’s altcoin boom, the market is going through tumultuous times. Most of the assets have lost more than 80 percent of their value from previous year highs, and there’s no silver lining on the horizon any time soon. The bottom line is that most won’t survive this downturn and will likely be usurped by powerful players. The yar 2017 was the peak year for altcoins when celebrities, hype, and FOMO drove the prices substantially higher. Anyone can throw in their hat and make money overnight. For example, John McAfee announced he would send Verge (XVG) tokens to the
XRP community’s latest petition is aptly called ‘Ripple Must Increase the Dumping of XRP’ and urges the company to ‘Unleash the Utility.’ Anger is brewing among the XRP community members against Ripple’s alleged excessive dumping of XRP that is adversely affecting its price and leading to negative market consequences. Now, they have taken to such sarcastic campaigns from the previous mundane ones. More than 200 people have digitally signed ‘Unleash the Utility’ petition as of today. The creator of the petition named ‘Jungle Inc.’ goes on to proclaim that Ripple must sell more XRP ‘in order to benefit the
Decentralizing the XRP ledger has been an idea on some of the minds at XRP Labs for quite some time. Now they’ve spoken. XRP might just have to see a hard fork taking away some of its identity with it due to the internal conflicts that the coin is facing. Ripple founders have been dumping XRP in the and thus the investors are not happy about it. But before things get rough, David Schwartz made some announcements. David said that he was concerned about the distribution problem that XRP had been facing but he wasn’t quite at liberty to disclose