TL;DR Breakdown • Shiba Inu and its DOGE-like blockchain• Shiba Inu price has increased in recent weeks. Buying cryptocurrencies brings its risks, just like any business, so you have to prepare when investing. These decentralized currencies are also volatile, so your investment can go up or down in value by massive amounts. A new cryptocurrency […]
For reasons best known for its political expediencies, the most anticipated project in crypto space, Facebook Libra may never take off. In its recent quarterly report, the social networking behemoth has apprised its stakeholders that the Libra project may be severely delayed or even get abandoned owing to regulatory concerns. The Libra stablecoin project, which was slated to be launched next year, has found itself shackled to lawmakers and regulators ever since its inception. Since then, it has drawn a significant amount of attention and scrutiny from the US government which may cause the project to come to a standstill. Facebook
Ethereum is long considered the Queen of dApps as most decentralized applications are built on this blockchain. But a new contender Binance Coin may pose a greater threat to Ethereum than expected. Many crypto projects have labeled themselves as Ethereum killer and tried to dethrone Ethereum but failed. However, this time, Ethereum faces a totally different and unexpected foe; Binance. Binance now refuses to list tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain on its platform. Ethereum has a high trading fee, so why doesn’t Binance benefit from it. Binance also allows these tokens to switch onto Binance’s blockchain and would, therefore,
TL;DR Breakdown Shiba Inu price analysis highlights SHIB’s bouncing off the $0.00000811 critical support line. If Shiba Inu closes trading today above the $0.00000871 price level, it will validate a new bull run’s commencement. The $0.00000871 level coincides with SHIB’s 50 percent Fibo retracement level. Failing to bypass the $0.000007 demand area would invalidate all […]
Tezos’ hard fork Dune has caught the attention of Billionaire Xavier Niel. Niel is set to invest in the cryptocurrency along with many other French investors who also seem to be interested in it. New cryptocurrencies being launched as a result of a fork are nothing new in the blockchain community. Now Tezos is to go through a hard fork in September the result of which will be the cryptocurrency ‘Dune.’ Nonetheless, how can a cryptocurrency that is yet to be created gain the support of such investors? The answer is that unlike other hard forks,’ Dune’ has already gone
Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are the same yet are quite different. So which one is better, Ethereum or Ethereum Classic? They don’t want to be mixed up, especially when Ethereum (ETH) runs on the proof-of-stake algorithm while Ethereum Classic (ETC), the parent chain from which Ethereum was forked out of, runs on proof-of-work. The two cryptocurrencies have vast differences in their trading marks. The chart below shows how the cryptocurrencies behaved in the time-frame. These charts have been taken at 11:00 UTC on 26 August 2019. Ethereum trades at one hundred and eighty-nine dollars ($189) while Ethereum Classic
The latest investigation reveals the use of as many as $400 million worth of XRP in illegal activities, and the counter effect may squash Ripple Foundation’s efforts to build the brand name through partnerships. Elliptic, a blockchain-based company that specializes in risk management for the cryptoassets, has recently discovered $400 Million in illegal XRP transactions, thereby, making it about 0.2 percent of the total transaction of the network. Elliptic is now monitoring XRP, adding it to the list of cryptoassets that the firm monitors. Hence, 0.2 percent of all the XRP transactions, which is $400 Million linked to criminals and
In a conversation with CCN, Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Bitfinex, has revealed that Tether has plans to launch an EOS blockchain. This release comes only a few months after Bitfinex announced that it is preparing eosfinex, an exchange platform for cryptocurrency and tokens, functioning with EOS contracts. According to Mr Ardoino, one of the main reasons why Tether needs to launch the blockchain is that conversions between fiat and crypto are still very hard on platforms. The main goal of the new EOS blockchain will be to make USD to crypto conversions. At the moment, Tether supports several altcoins
Despite the revolution and evolution of the digital currency market, with ever-increasing on-ramps, platforms, and exchanges. There still is a correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the rising and falling of the crypto market. According to the author of Altcoin Traders Handbook Nik Patel, since last year, Altcoin collectively experienced an over ninety percent decline against Bitcoin, and over ninety-five percent declines against the US dollar due to Bitcoin losing about eighty-five percent of its value. Furthermore, Patel states that while the short terms movements of Ethereum/USD are linked with Bitcoin, a decoupling is expected soon if Bitcoin makes
Defi pool yEarn is on a roll as the most profitable yield farming machine returns a whopping 1000 percent annual percentage yield. The automated market maker of yEarn provides a solution to many problems faced by yield farmers. Recently, yEarn introduced a governance token that helped it democratize governance procedures. It comes with zero pre-mine […]